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The Nordic Resistance Movement supports the offensive in Israel


An official statement from the organisation on today’s escalating conflict.

Today, the Palestinian resistance movement launched a large-scale military offensive against Israel, reportedly taking control of several towns, capturing Israeli soldiers and seizing military vehicles.

The attack is a backlash after decades of Jewish aggression against Palestinians, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the constant expansion of Israel’s borders.

Self-defence is an inalienable right. The Nordic Resistance Movement stands wholeheartedly behind the Palestinian offensive and for the Palestinian people’s right to a sovereign nation in accordance with the borders that existed before the victors of World War II founded Israel on occupied land in 1948.

Just as we are fighting here at home, under the prevailing conditions and circumstances, for a new and free Nordic Nation, we wish the Palestinian people all the best in their struggle for a new and free Palestine.

Long live the Nordic Nation! Long live Palestine! Crush Zionism!

Our Path, Point 2:

The Nordic Resistance Movement will, by all available means, and with a long-term perspective, work to regain power from the global Zionist elite who have economically and militarily occupied the greater part of our world.