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Germany calling: Berlin – where we are, Germans fight like lions!


GERMANY CALLING. Many comrades from all over Europe heard about the attack on a member of the German nationalist movement „Der III. Weg“ in Berlin by antifas. We present here the translation of the first official statement of the movement „Der III. Weg“ to the attack on the activist, which revealed immediacy the next day after the attack.

On Thursday evening it was that time again: a raiding party of criminals wanted to carry out their political terror under the cover of darkness. But this time something was different: this time they got the wrong person. They were looking for a victim – and met an opponent! Six of them attacked a member of our movement who was on his way home from sports training. From an ambush, they attacked him without warning with pepper spray and stabbing tools. But they obviously hadn’t expected such resistance: Despite pepper spray in his face, punches from all directions and stab wounds, the young activist defended himself like a lion against the red gang. The result: two of the attackers didn’t even make it back to their bikes, the others left their seriously injured accomplices lying around and fled!

Meanwhile, witnesses alerted the police and emergency services. Two attackers and our activist were taken to hospital for further treatment, while a large police operation secured the entire area. But it wasn’t just the police: many of our movement’s members showed solidarity that same evening and were active throughout the neighborhood to track down suspicious people.

Our party’s lawyers were also immediately on hand to provide further information on the matter. Because one thing is clear: the attack on our member was an attack on all of us and our community is now even more united!

The most important thing is that our injured activist is doing well under the circumstances. Above all, however, he has sent a clear signal to the world through his determined behaviour: “No matter what situation you find yourself in, whether left-wing extremists are after your life or the political police wants to criminalize you, you decide whether you are the victim or the victor!”

In the coming days, the puzzle will continue to be pieced together and the background to the cowardly act and the findings about the perpetrators will become more concrete. The reactions to this will be the appropriate ones.

However, the unmistakable message of this evening is already clear: nobody has to become a victim! Neither as an individual nor as a movement! Even when ambushed and overwhelmed, you can win – as long as you never give up and have a courageous heart beating in your chest.

That is why we are not shocked by such an attack – but proud of how our member has defied an armed superiority from ambush. One of our young activists has proven once again: Even in 2024, German men can still fight like lions!

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Don’t become a victim – become a national revolutionary!