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Activism reports – Week 47, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Banner in Rissne

A “Nordic Resistance Movement” banner was put up in the multicultural neighbourhood of Rissne, in Sundbyberg Municipality.

Propaganda distribution in Söderköping Municipality

Members visited Östra Ryd and the surrounding area to deliver leaflets on Wednesday, 18 November.

Stickers in Borås

A sympathiser placed stickers in various locations in Borås on 16 November.

Spray-painting in Södertälje

Spray-painting activism took place in central Södertälje on the night of 15 November. A number of previously grey electricity cabinets were decorated with a Tyr rune and green background.

Leafleting in Aneby

Members were in Aneby on 17 November to spread information about anti-Swedishness and its many victims.

Leafleting in Hultsfred

Several members were in Hultsfred to deliver leaflets on Sunday, 15 November. Over a few hours, approximately 500 residents received our message, which informs people that we will not forget our murdered countrymen.

Propaganda production in Nest 7

Over 900 leaflets were printed and several banners were made during Week 47.

Leafleting in Gothenburg

Leaflets were delivered in central Partille, near Gothenburg, on Tuesday evening, 17 November. The leaflets informed residents about the riots in the USA and the White Lives Matter message.

Postering in Tranemo Municipality

Comrades gathered in Tranemo Municipality to put up posters on the evening of 17 November. Both the outskirts and centre of Limmared were decorated with a healthy, forward-looking National Socialist message.

Banner in Södertälje

Comrades from Nest 1 hung up a “Nordic Resistance Movement” banner in Södertälje Municipality in the early morning of Friday, 20 November.

Basic activism in Kristiansand

Nest 2 placed stickers in Kristiansand city centre.

Stickers in Halden

Nest 1 members brightened up the streets of Halden with a number of stickers.

Basic activism in Godvik

Activist Group 302 put up posters in Godvik.

Leaflets in Vennesla

Nest 2 delivered leaflets to residents in Vennesla.

Activism in Trondheim

Nest 4 put up posters and stickers in Trondheim.

Tyr flag in Greenland

Sympathisers of the Nordic Resistance Movement planted a Tyr rune flag under the northern lights in Nuuk, Greenland.

Activism in Klippinge

Resistance Movement stickers were placed in Klippinge Municipality.

Propaganda in Hundige

Nest 2 activists spread propaganda in Hundige.

Activism in Reykjavik

Members distributed stickers and leaflets in the Reykjavik area over the last two weeks. Multiple places in the city centre were covered, along with the suburbs of Breiðholt, Grafarvogur and Árbær.

Activism across the country

Many stickers and leaflets were distributed across Iceland via Route 1 over the last two weeks.