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Symbolic activity in Randers: “The Danish people are sacrifices on multiculturalism’s altar”


ACTIVISM. A bloody altar surrounded by leaflets appeared outside a shopping centre in Randers, Denmark, last Wednesday night.

An altar standing in a pool of blood appeared in the car park outside the Randers Storcenter mall in the East Jutland city last Wednesday night. The altar was surrounded by leaflets with the message: “The Danish people are sacrifices on multiculturalism’s altar – Join the defence of the people in the Nordic Resistance Movement”.

Leaflets were also affixed to walls and other surfaces in the proximity of the altar.

Whether you’re a socialist, conservative, apolitical, anti-Islam, a nationalist, patriot or National Socialist, it can’t be denied that Denmark is a victim of population replacement. Or, to put it another way: replacement = the eradication of the Danish people.

The establishment media and the political circus only touch on the population question when they’re arguing for more immigration. They talk about the country not having “enough people” and genuflect to the eternal master of “the economy”, as they open Denmark up for non-European immigration.

The “democratic parties” have proved to be useless in achieving anything positive in relation to the population question. As parts of the System, the parties, together with cultural terrorism – known as Cultural Marxism – have been responsible for the individualistic ego cult that has led to societal division, class warfare, moral decay and our Danish women’s low birth rates, which “necessitate” the ruinous mass immigration of foreign races to Denmark.

The anti-Danish System has not just failed in all their measures and proposals – they have actively worked for a society and a level of public happiness that has been so decimated that people are opting out of having children and continuing their existence, either consciously or unconsciously.

This traitorous and hostile stance, and the System’s deliberate will to actively break down our people and our Nordic race, demands an equally active and deliberate defence for the preservation of our people. The current age requires a National Socialist perspective and will.

It cannot be left to the System itself, with its Cultural Marxist and social democratic yes-men and right-wing market-lackeys, to solve the population problem, as every proposed solution must be seen in relation to their thirst for national economic wealth. The people have no value to them, and more immigration will be the result. Even so-called “identitarians” and “social conservatives” want our racially pure folk to be assimilated with imported foreign racial elements, paving the way for the slow destruction of our people.

And destruction of the people is exactly what it is. The blood flowing in the streets today as a result of multiculturalism’s arrival on Danish soil comes almost solely from assaulted Danes, who must now make way for the racial aliens. But the coming total destruction of the people as a whole will be considerably more non-violent, as the people are merely filtered away via biological processes as a result of race-mixing or simple extinction as a consequence of our inability to maintain self-sufficiency. Nevertheless, bloody or not, the people of the future will have perished via a genocide that is happening today. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hear the Jewess Barbara Spectre explain who she thinks is responsible for the multiculturalisation of Europe:

In the people’s hour of destiny, just one movement stands firm by its principles of putting the people first!

It puts the people before the economy and the “market”, and defines the people as the racially European/Nordic folk.

In the final struggle, it is only the Nordic Resistance Movement that stands firm in its belief of our duties to our people and our race, and it’s the only movement that can present a complete solution.