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The Resistance Movement take to the streets and attend lie-filled lecture in Karlstad


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 5 were in Karlstad to spread National Socialism and hold holocaust believers accountable on 27 January.

The activity began on Soltorget with a public leaflet distribution. A banner reading “The holocaust is a hoax” and two flags decorated the town square, while the Resistance men gave out leaflets with facts about the holocaust.

A relatively high number of discussions occurred with passers-by. Because the subject matter is controversial for liberals and Marxists, many of the conversations became emotional from their side and sometimes even involved shouting. However, despite the prevailing indoctrination, the day’s message still won the organisation numerous well-wishes.

After the public leaflet distribution concluded, the Nest attended a lecture event for holocaust believers, where the activists took their places in the audience. To the organisers’ great dismay, the police could not stop the Nest from attending the lie-filled lecture.

The lecturers were also unhappy when the Resistance men laughed several times and applauded a quote that demonstrated the Centre Party’s anti-Semitic and racist history.

Point 4 of the political programme of the Farmers’ League (later the Centre Party), 1933:

It is a national task to protect the Swedish race against mixing with inferior foreign racial elements, as well as to counteract immigration to Sweden by undesirable foreigners.

The preservation and strengthening of the fabric of our people is vital for our national development.

The organisation’s involvement likely provided the audience with a much-needed stimulant, as the average age inside the venue was very high, and it wasn’t easy for the attendees to stay awake. Considering the content of the lecture, it was not surprising that some people dozed off. Tedious life stories mixed with emotional holocaust drivel is not the most fun thing to listen to.

When the lectures were over, the activists went down to the stage to debate with the most pro-Zionist speaker and those nearby. After discussing various pieces of anti-Semitic literature and what creates anti-Semitism, the participants left the venue.

Back at the gathering place, the comrades talked briefly about the day and summarised its funniest moments. After saying goodbye and thanking one another, the activity concluded.