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Yule dinner and activism in Eastern Norway


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement arranged a Yule dinner with social events and banner actions in Eastern Norway in November.

White Lives Matter banner in Eastern Norway

The Nordic Resistance Movement organised an alcohol-free Yule dinner in Eastern Norway on the weekend of 21–22 November.

In addition to good food, the day also included a trip to a military fort built by National Socialists during World War II. The fort contains many bunkers, canons and trenches that have been well preserved since the war.

Trenches used by National Socialists during World War II

During the event, the attendees could also test their knowledge of Vidkun Quisling, Nasjonal Samling and the Nordic Resistance Movement in an extensive NS quiz. The participants were divided into groups of three, and the winning team was awarded prizes – handicrafts made by Tommy Olsen, the chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Norway.

Prizes awarded to the winners of the year’s NS quiz

Some of the attendees then went out to conduct two banner actions on bridges over the E6 towards Moss. The response from passing drivers was incredible, with many signalling their support. Only three drivers showed the finger.

Banner action over the E6 towards Moss

When the participants returned to the venue, there was time for even more good food, dessert and socialising. The sales table was also set up for attendees to buy the Resistance Movement’s wares and handiworks.

All in all, it was a successful Yule dinner, with both old and new faces present.

Photos from the event: