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1 May live reporting


1 MAY. Today the Nordic Resistance Movement is holding a 1 May public town square meeting in Sundsvall, Sweden, and conducting activism in other locations around the Nordic region. The actions are taking place under the banner “Bread for the Workers! Blood from the Politicians!” This article will be continuously updated with the latest events.

17:00: The 1 May activism continues in Sweden and the Nordic countries, but because the main events have taken place, we now end our live reporting.

In summary, the Nordic Resistance Movement organised a very successful public rally in Sundsvall, counter-demonstrated and usurped the Social Democrats’ demonstration in Trollhättan, infiltrated the Social Democrat processions in Växjö and Stockholm, and conducted other 1 May activism in Sweden and across the Nordic region.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 1 May activism here in the coming days.

16:45: Posters are put up in Alvesta.

16:30: Video of Marcus Hansson being led away by police. It is unclear whether the audience is applauding the removal or the Social Democratic message on the placard.

16:10: Activism continues in both Stockholm and Småland. The police visit in Stockholm, while the activists in Småland move from Växjö to Alvesta, where they continue to spread the message with posters.

16:00: Video from the infiltration of the socialist march in Växjö. Note the functionary at the beginning, who panics when she realises National Socialists are present in the march.

15:55: Activists respond to Social Democrat politician Mikael Damberg with the chant “Mikael Damberg – Traitor to the people!”

15:50: In Stockholm activists now stand in front of the LO trade union headquarters, where they are shouting slogans.

“Social Democracy – Betrayal of the People!”

15:15: Marcus Hansson is removed (again). Apparently, the Social Democrats’ own message was not appreciated by the police. The action in Växjö has now concluded.

14:55: National Socialists continue to spread the message at the socialists’ meeting place.

14:50: The Social Democrat march in Stockholm has also been infiltrated. Activists carried signs such as “Higher taxes for White men”. It took 20 minutes for them to be discovered.

14:35: The police investigate activists carrying placards, under suspicion of incitement to racial hatred. It is unclear why the signs are seen as inflammatory, as they are merely messages expressed by the Social Democrats over the years.

“Muhammed should get the job ahead of Swedes”
“Higher taxes for workers means more benefits for new arrivals”
“Increased immigration leads to increased welfare”

14:30: After the coup against the Social Democrats’ meeting in Trollhättan, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement have now also infiltrated the Social Democrat march in Växjö and are posing as regular socialists with their own placards, with messages such as “More EU, Less Sweden”. This has caused panic among Social Democrat officials and the police have been called.

13:30: An “anti-racist” clown attempts to debate.

13:25: Mead on offer in Tampere. Our comrades in the Blue and Black Movement report that the mead is alcohol-free.

13:20: Epic! As we were just about to declare Pär Öberg’s debate challenge as null and void, a clown appeared on stage. “What do you think of Jews?” he asked.

13:15: The speeches are over in both Tampere and Sundsvall. In Tampere, the Blue and Black Movement are serving mead (!), while in Sundsvall Pär Öberg is encouraging political opponents to come up and debate with one of the speakers. Above all, Öberg wants a debate with the outgoing municipal councillor Bodil Hansson, who unsurprisingly is a corrupt Social Democrat. No one has taken up the offer so far.

13:05: Reports are coming in from Stockholm, where Nest 1 have conducted widespread 1 May propaganda and raised awareness of the Social Democrats’ betrayal of the people.

13:00: Aleksi Veikkola has started his speech in Tampere.

12:45: Nest Chief Anders Gudmarsson begins speaking in Sundsvall.

12:40: In Tampere, the first speaker, Taika Mourujärvi, has begun her speech.

12:30: According to reports from Sundsvall, around 100 local people are in attendance. Among them are five counter-demonstrators, including a clown and Sara Leifsdotter.

12:20: Simon Holmqvist speaks in Sundsvall.

12:10: While the event takes place in Sundsvall, our Finnish comrades in the Blue and Black Movement demonstrate in Tampere.

11:50: 1 May activism is also taking place in Stockholm, where propaganda has been spread all day. Video from a bridge action:

11:40: The town square meeting in Sundsvall has begun. Pär Öberg from the Swedish National Council is speaking.

11:30: The town square meeting in Sundsvall is set to start. Footage from the scene:

11:25: While preparations are fully underway in Sundsvall, activists have gotten the jump on the Social Democrats in Trollhättan and held a counter-demonstration on the spot where Social Democrat politician Peter Hultqvist is supposed to be giving a speech. Instead, the Nordic Resistance Movement is speaking about the Social Democrats’ betrayal of Swedish workers.

In the speech, the Social Democrats are accused of culpability – through deregulation and other mismanagement – in the electricity, food and fuel crises now affecting Swedes, particularly workers. The Nato lackey and liar Peter Hultqvist is also accused of creating a situation, via the accession to Nato, in which workers risk being sent to the globalists’ war as cannon fodder.

11:10: In Sundsvall, preparations are in full swing. A number of spectators have started to gather. No barriers have been put up and there are unusually few police.

“No racists on our streets”. It remains to be seen if the “anti-racists” will actually show up during the day.

11:00: In Iceland, propaganda has been put up in the two biggest cities: Reykjavík och Kópavogur. Read more on Nordurvigi.


10:00: The 1 May activism has started early in Norway and Denmark. In central Halden, Norway, a large number of posters were put up during the night. In Denmark, bridge actions and postering has taken place during the night and day in Aarhus, Vojens, Hellerup, Ordrup and Klampenborg.

Halden, Norway
Aarhus, Denmark
Vojens, Denmark
Klampenborg, Denmark