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Photos from 1 May in Sundsvall


1 MAY. We present a selection of photos taken by the Resistance Movement’s photographers on the 1 May demonstration in Sundsvall.

Clean-up work began upon arrival, with the removal of degenerate enemy propaganda that had been hung up around the square

Curious audience members await the speeches
Sundsvall leftists gathered three people for a counter-demonstration
The first speaker, Pär Öberg, takes to the stage

Öberg effectively used visual methods to describe advanced principles in a simple fashion

The Resistance Movement’s number one stalker, Sara Leifsdotter, was present with her cameras, as usual

The next speaker was Simon Holmqvist
Someone had left a small table of books, including some written by the non-White “whiteness studies” writer Tobias Hübinette. The books were accompanied by a note instructing Resistance Movement members to “read a book”, based on some confused reasoning that this would be a “cure” for National Socialism.

The final speaker was Anders Gudmarsson

After the speeches there was a Q&A session, with the speakers answering questions from the audience

The strangest part of the day occurred when a person dressed as a clown nervously went up on stage and asked what we thought about Jews, as he thought the font on our banner looked like something the “Nazis” used
Unsurprisingly, one of Expo’s photographers was also present
If looks could kill…
The leftist march passes by behind police barriers
When the town square meeting was over, a couple of P4 state journalists approached and asked critical questions, while refusing to answer questions themselves
Afterwards, the comrades went to a meeting point to eat and socialise with sympathisers. They also made use of the books donated by the reds, which provided a pleasant warmth on an otherwise chilly day in Sundsvall.