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30th of November memorial in Stockholm with speech by Simon Lindberg


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Resistance Movement were in the Swedish capital on 30 November – the traditional day of Resistance – to honour the fallen king Karl XII.

Nordic Resistance Movement Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

The anniversary of King Karl XII’s death has traditionally been observed in various forms by nationalists for over a hundred years. This year, at Karl XII’s statue in Kungsträdgården, Alternative for Sweden (AfS) organised a manifestation, which was attended by a group of activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement.

During the AfS meeting, photographers from the anti-Swedish organisation EXPO were discovered taking photos of the attendees. The Resistance Movement activists verbally confronted the photographers, but instead of engaging in a discussion about their actions, they quickly ran off and hid behind the police.

Expo photographer, Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, SwedenCandles at Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

After the AfS meeting was over and candles had been lit at the statue, the Nordic Resistance Movement chose to continue the evening in its own fashion.

Simon Lindberg, Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

A short distance away, the organisation’s leader gave a speech, surrounded by activists, who ignited flares and filled the air with green smoke. The powerful speech encouraged listeners to fight for the White race in the future, rather than just commemorating the memory of Swedes from the past.

Simon Lindberg speech, Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

Because our ancestors made sure not only to protect our land, but also to keep our people pure, we can proudly say that today we are basically the same as then. What the Caroleans accomplished can also be achieved by you and me. Through our DNA and this unbroken link, we carry the strength of our ancestors within us.

But this understanding of history is actually totally irrelevant if it does not lead to the struggle for the future. The truth is that Kalle Dussin’s time is already over, but for those of you who are ready to fight and die for your people here and now – the time is truly here!

Now the North is calling louder than before – and she demands fighters. The threat to our nation is far more alarming today than it was in the 18th century; in fact, it is greater than it has ever been throughout history. And instead of waging war with sharpened blades in the light of day, our enemy is conducting spiritual terrorism and biological warfare against our people – in our midst – within the borders of the kingdom.

As we speak, our people are slowly being defeated by Cultural Marxism and the ongoing mass invasion of racial aliens. And most of the descendants of the Caroleans do not resist. They do not even understand what is happening.

If our enemies get their way – if our people are enslaved and perish – the memory of Karl XII will not matter at all!

Also, for various reasons, things today look very different than they did then. In today’s struggle, we need Danes and Poles and all the other sons and daughters of Europe by our side. The time of the blue-yellow state and cultural nationalism is over. Today, a low-intensity race war is raging on our streets and squares, and it is only by embracing and actively championing the National Socialist worldview that we as a collective have a chance of emerging from this situation alive.

No political reform is sufficient – in this darkness, only a full-scale revolution can bring forth the light of dawn over the North and the ethnic Nordic people!

You could say that I would not be able to stand here today and be who I am without Karl XII and his Caroleans – that Sweden and the Swedes would not exist today without yesterday’s struggle. That may be so, but what is completely certain and need not be contemplated or discussed for one second is that – without me and those who fight by my side here and now – there will most certainly be no Caroleans left in the future.

So by all means look to the past, but also understand that it is even more crucial to look forwards. Of course you can remember and venerate – but above all, make sure to live and give your life for something important, so that one day someone will also remember and venerate you!

Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

A noisy crowd of approximately fifty so-called anti-fascists had gathered about a hundred metres away. After Lindberg’s speech, the Resistance men decided to approach them to have a discussion, but despite a long walk through the streets around Kungsträdgården, it was impossible to reach the leftists, as large numbers of police pursued the activists and prevented them from getting close.

Pär Sjögren, Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

After a while, the Resistance activists instead took the opportunity to go on a little sightseeing trip to the Great Synagogue of Stockholm – while still being pursued by the police.

Nordic Resistance Movement Karl XII memorial, Stockholm, Sweden

The activity in the capital was then concluded, with another 30th of November celebration being added to the résumés of the participants.