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An odyssey to England


INTERNATIONAL COMRADES. Andreas Johansson recounts his recent journey to the UK, where he gave a speech at the Patriotic Alternative autumn conference in northern England.

Patriotic Alternative autumn conference speakers

I landed in Manchester at 9.40 a.m. on a Friday morning. I had come to England to meet with Patriotic Alternative and attend their conference, which was to be held the next day. It was a few hours before my ride was due to arrive, so I got a coffee and headed outside to soak up the autumn sunshine. It was 14°C outside and the trees still had their leaves on, unlike back home in northern Sweden, where the frost is thick this time of year.

Mark Collett had contacted me a while ago to invite me to PA’s autumn conference and asked if I would like to speak while I was there. “A speech?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied, “but no more than half an hour.”

Half an hour?! I should point out that I have not given many speeches in my life and there have been very few times I’ve stood in front of more than 20 people and spoken for more than a couple of minutes, so this was definitely something new, but also something I was looking forward to in many ways. A challenge, a new step in my development as a person and an opportunity to represent the Nordic Resistance Movement in front of a dedicated crowd of English nationalists. A dream that would come true.

After a couple of hours, my chauffeur showed up. It was Sven Longshanks, the same guy who runs radioalbion.com and has been uploading Nordic Frontier on his website since our first episode. We have been in contact a lot over the years, but this was the first time we ever met. He is a very pleasant and likeable person. A little rough around the edges, with a background as a decadent hippy – a background we both share, and in many ways we have walked the same path to where we are today. Sven also did an interview with me the other day, which you can find here.

English seaside countryside
English countryside

We set off in his little old Renault, out into the English countryside, up and down the rolling hills, as the sun shone over the fields. I have always loved the English countryside, the landscapes and the small towns you find along the way. They often feel mysterious and full of rich history – something often lacking in Sweden, especially in the small towns, which the socialists have gutted and replaced with their soulless town centres. In England, many places are built of stone, and buildings have been standing for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years. This gives both the towns and country roads a very unique look and atmosphere, but it’s not particularly practical, as everything modern has been built around this ancient architecture.

Thatched roof stone house in England
Houses built of stone

When we arrived at the hotel, it was truly a sight to behold. It looked like a castle, and my first spontaneous thought was that it was far too elegant to be booked for a conference of White nationalists, but Sven and I went inside and had a look around. We were early and wouldn’t be able to check in for a few hours, so we asked if there was somewhere we could sit and wait. We were shown to a very nice room and seated in armchairs in front of an open fire, before being served coffee as we sat and talked about all manner of subjects.

After a while, two police officers entered the room and sat down next to me and Sven. “I knew it was too good to be true,” I thought. One officer informed Sven that the hotel had been contacted by someone who claimed a group of so-called “White supremacists” had hired a venue somewhere in the area for their conference, under the pretence of holding a book fair. The manager of the hotel now wanted to come and talk about the matter, as this information was completely new to her.

The manager came in, and a long discussion unfolded in front of me. Although I’m no stranger to these situations, having dealt with such things for a while now, I felt it was appropriate to remain silent and see how it played out. After some comments back and forth, it became clear that the manager was not at all keen on having us there and wanted us to leave. Sven responded by saying we hadn’t done anything illegal and it shouldn’t matter which political opinions you have when booking an event, adding that the hotel just needed to do its job and take the money. He also said that over 150 people were on their way to the event the following day and they had already paid to get there.

The police mediated between the parties and basically took Sven’s side in the discussion, which surprised me. The manager thought for a while and then said she wanted to talk to the police in private to come to a satisfactory resolution. It was a long 45 minutes we sat there, Sven and I, waiting for her verdict, but finally it came: she had decided the conference could go ahead, but she reserved the right to change her mind if the situation escalated. I told Sven that if this had happened in Sweden and the Nordic Resistance Movement had booked a hotel under a different name and had been discovered, the hotel would have told us to go to hell and the police would have arrested us.

As it happened, the situation did escalate just a few minutes after things had settled down. Shortly after some more PA people arrived at the hotel, someone claiming to be from “Vice News” phoned reception and said they “knew Patriotic Alternative were going to hold their conference at the hotel this weekend”. The receptionist hung up without comment, but the manager started panicking again. This resulted in another hour and a half of “legal advice”, with the hotel asking us to wait to check in. Time passed, and we waited.

In the meantime, Mark Collett, Laura Towler, her husband Sam Melia and Lady Michélle Renouf arrived. The circumstances were not the best for meeting people for the first time, but despite the tension caused by the ongoing situation, we were able to relax and converse reasonably well. Laura asked me what I was going to talk about. I said, “We’ll see,” with a smile, and I wasn’t lying.

By now the clock had struck six in the evening, and as we had booked a table for dinner at 7.30 p.m., we decided to head off and leave Mark to talk to the manager when she was ready. We had still not checked in yet.

We had a very nice dinner in a typical cosy English pub. I ordered a steak with potatoes and had a huge carrot cake for dessert. I got to meet more people I had previously only talked to on the internet, including Yuro, who has invited me onto his podcast The Absolute State of Britain a couple of times. During the meal, I also had the pleasure of talking with Lady Renouf, a woman who has lived a very exciting life in the spirit of true National Socialism. After sitting and talking there a while, Mark arrived and told us everything had been sorted and we could finally relax. We enjoyed the rest of the evening, then went back to the hotel and checked in. Exhausted, I immediately fell into bed. I had not slept since I got up for work on Thursday morning at 6 o’clock – over a day and a half earlier.

After almost 10 hours of sleep, I awoke as a new person on Saturday morning, ready to take on the world. We began with a fantastic breakfast down in the restaurant – a “full English”, with eggs, bacon and coffee. I went completely sugar-free to keep my mind clear. I then headed back up to my room to practise my speech, which consisted of scattered notes, in preparation for the start of the conference.

Those who know me know I’m a so-called introverted type, and I’ve always been shy when I’m around a lot of unfamiliar people. But I must say that after joining the Resistance Movement, attending multiple meetings and events, meeting hundreds of strangers, as well as talking on the radio for over five years, I can’t call myself shy anymore. Sure, I still enjoy being alone or in small groups, but the fear and anxiety of being around a lot of people I don’t know has disappeared. I have grown an incredible amount as a person in the last six years, and I have the Nordic Resistance Movement and National Socialism to thank for that. And that Saturday in England, we would find out if I could make a speech in front of 150 inquisitive nationalists.

The event began at noon, but people had started arriving in the hours before, and there was already some mingling underway. I got to meet some very nice people, all of whom said they listen to Nordic Frontier. Some had just started listening, but others had been listening for years. Some had specific questions about a topic we had discussed on the programme several years ago, while others asked what direction the programme will take in the future. It was interesting to learn that both boomers and zoomers showed the same interest in the podcast. Something like this can be hard to get your head around: that a man in his 70s is sitting laughing at my anti-Semitic jokes somewhere out in the English countryside.

Next, the speeches began, with Laura Towler up first. She spoke about extremism and how the conditions we are forced to live under are the true extremism, such as the mass immigration of racial strangers and mainstream media brainwashing. Nationalism is merely a healthy counterforce to this extremism.

The next speaker was Alek Yerbury, an activist in the movement, who spoke about the most important thing there is: namely, the survival of our race and the importance of fighting, even when times are tough.

Afterwards it was time for lunch. A small buffet of classic English snacks, with sausage rolls and pork pies, was served to the hungry guests.

The first speaker after lunch was Steve Blake, a veteran of English nationalism with several decades of experience. He spoke about the innate brilliance of the British people who, many hundreds of years ago, began building their empire, brick by brick.

Next, the moment of truth had arrived. It was now my turn to go on stage and deliver my speech. Even at that moment I didn’t know exactly what I was going to say. I only had fragments of ideas, an outline of what I needed to say before I finished. Inexplicably, I wasn’t nervous. It felt completely natural once I stood there in front of everyone.

I began by thanking Mark Collett for inviting me there and explaining what an honour it was to represent the Nordic Resistance Movement at the conference. I then had a little story-time and related my journey from pacifist hippie to the National Socialist I am today, before concluding by describing what the Nordic Resistance Movement is and what we do. Eventually I had to be interrupted, as I had spoken for almost 45 minutes. There was no harm done, however, as many people told me they appreciated the talk and that they could identify with much of what I said, as well as having had a lot of good laughs. I had now accomplished what I had come to do and I was satisfied.

Andreas Johansson speaks at Patriotic Alternative conference
Due to English “hate” laws, my speech has not been released publicly, but luckily a still image of my face is not illegal in England. Yet.

We were then served tea and scones, but as a true Aryan Nordic man, I declined this Chinese dishwater and drank coffee instead.

Steve Laws was next up. He spoke about the situation in Dover and how a mishmash of racial strangers are flooding into the country, day in and day out. After twelve years of the “Conservatives” being in power, the mass immigration situation looks worse than ever.

The conference concluded with a speech by Mark Collett, in which he summed up PA’s year and their activism. He said PA have achieved many propaganda and practical victories during the year, but the one that really stood out for him was the successful demonstration against “drag queen story hour”. As part of the campaign, activists distributed leaflets to all the homes near the library where the drag queen event would be held weeks in advance, before protesting outside the building.

Many regular Britons stood together with them and saw the decadent left defend this hideous phenomenon. Mark said the best thing about the activity was not just that the people were with them, but that PA have now succeeded in establishing themselves as a party that is not only about immigration, but rather one that is more comprehensive and stands for what is best for the people – the British people.

The conference then came to an end, and some of the guests started heading home, while the hotel staff began setting tables for the evening meal. The hundred or so people who remained were treated to a fantastic three-course dinner and many interesting conversations, which went on late into the evening. It is also worth mentioning that the hotel was subjected to threatening phone calls during the day from the degenerate and violent left, who threatened to throw stones through the hotel windows, among other things. The hotel decided to close the reception and not answer the phone, instead focusing on serving us and managing the event in the best way possible. At the end of the day, the staff received a standing ovation for their efforts, and over two hundred pounds in tips was raised by visitors.

As a final comment on this fantastic trip, I would like to say it was a real pleasure to come to England and meet many people in real life whom I have been in contact with over the years. We created real bonds between us, both on a personal level and for our respective organisations. For me personally, it feels like I go from challenge to challenge in my life and, with National Socialism as my guiding light, I constantly overcome these challenges.

I am also very impressed by what Patriotic Alternative have managed to accomplish in the short time they have been active, and I wish them all the best in the future!

This trip was a personal challenge I took on, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. So it was with a smile on my face that I thanked Sven Longshanks for the lift and for a great weekend. Then I headed north again, back to Hyperborea!