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Action against anti-Nordic family and African rapist


ACTIVISM. On the night of Thursday 13th February, the Nordic Resistance Movement carried out an awareness-raising campaign in Vellinge municipality, southern Sweden, to inform the residents of the anti-Nordic Strand family. This family, for their own selfish economic interests, have brought in African ”soccer talents” to play soccer in the Nordics. One of them has already been convicted of child rape.

On December 16th 2019 the TV show Kalla fakta (Cold Facts) reported on the African soccer player Kingsley Sarfo, after he was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison, as well as a ten-year expulsion from Sweden, for raping a 14-year-old girl.

According to the report, the Strand family discovered Kingsley Sarfo in Ghana around 2011 and thereafter decided to bring him to Sweden as part of their business venture of coaching and selling Africans to Swedish soccer clubs. Once in Sweden, they allowed him, along with several other Africans, to live on their farm outside Vellinge.

The Strand family business Soccer Soldier then made a deal in which they would receive 50% of all future profits derived from Sarfo, which turned out to be a very economically beneficial deal that raked in millions of Swedish kronor when Sarfo signed for the soccer club Sirius.

Sirius won the Superettan division in 2016 and made their way to Allsvenskan, the highest league in Sweden. In 2017, Sarfo was even nominated as the player of the month in Allsvenskan and was highlighted by politically correct soccer fans and media as an example of a successful ”neo-Swede”. At this time, the coach for Sirius received a phone call from the worried mother of a 12-year-old girl. The mother was concerned about Kingsley Sarfo having sexual intercourse with her daughter, which was something the club ”wished to hush up”. The club owners just told Sarfo that it’s unacceptable behaviour in Sweden and allowed him to stay at the club until 2017 when he was bought by Malmö FF.

During this time Håkan Ericsson, the coach for the Swedish under-21 national team, wrote a letter to the Swedish Migration Agency in which he urged them to fast-track granting Sarfo Swedish citizenship because he believed the African would be a good addition to the Swedish national team. When Malmö FF found out that Sarfo was suspected of child rape, he was excluded from the club, and they later chose to terminate his contract when he was convicted of raping the 14-year-old girl.

The Strand family is protecting the rapist
After Malmö FF terminated Kinsley Sarfo’s contract, the Strand family resumed contact with him, and Niklas Strand once again became his agent. Along with the Strand family, he demanded a review of the case. Sarfo’s lawyer, former Social Democratic attorney general Thomas Bodström, claims that the girl was 15 years old at the time rather than 14. This means Sarfo could be given a new trial and potentially avoid his deportation from Sweden. The Strand family is now trying to find a new club for him, but so far they have been unsuccessful.

When Kalla fakta phoned Niklas Strand, he told them that other clubs don’t want to buy Sarfo because the situation ”sounds so much f–king worse than it really is”.

Niklas Strand goes on to say that ”the girl isn’t really to be pitied that f–king badly” and that ”they’ve had some pretty good times together”. But in the preliminary investigation it has been established that the raped 14 year old was not the only girl abused by Sarfo. He had also raped other girls, including the 12-year-old girl whose mother contacted Sirius. Later, when Kalla fakta went to visit the Strand family to talk to Niklas Strand’s mother, the crazy cat lady Marie Strand, she said that it’s not just about money but also about ”justice” for Kingsley Sarfo.

The Resistance Movement acts
In the wake of the scandal, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement performed an action against the Strand family. The Resistance Movement wishes to inform Vellinge’s residents and Nordfront readers about how the Strand family has imported child-raping racial aliens into the Nordics for their own economic benefits. As if this weren’t enough, they have also tried to have Kingsley Sarfo acquitted and thus salvage his soccer career.

At present Sarfo is registered at the Strand family residence, in addition to several other racial aliens. This is dangerous for local girls around Vellinge and for the entire Nordic people in the long run.

The Nordic Resistance Movement informed the neighbours by leafleting. Posters were also put up at bus stops near the domicile as well as in larger places like the town of Höllviken. Finally the entrance to the Strand family farm was cordoned off.

The Strand family and other anti-Nordic people and corporations acting out of stupidity, greed or pure self-hatred will be exposed so the rest of society will know what they’re up to and thus be given the opportunity to separate themselves from families like the Strands.