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Activism reports – Week 34, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Banners in Löddeköpinge

Banners were put up over the E6 just outside Löddeköpinge during rush hour on Monday.

Outdoor training in Karlstad

Member Group 2 from Nest 5 exercised and practised Thai boxing in Borgmästarholmen park in Karlstad.

Hiking and basic activism in Ludvika Municipality

On 1 August, the glorious sunshine was enjoyed on a 15-km hike through forests and over mountains. A number of detours were taken to combine the hike with leafleting and putting up stickers. Two hundred leaflets were delivered, and nearly as many stickers were placed in Grängesberg.

Stickers in Borås

Stickers were placed in central Borås on 15 August in fine weather.

Banners in Jönköping

“Crush the Homo Lobby” banners were hung up in Jönköping.

Banner drop in Ludvika

Members of Nest 5’s Activist Group hung up a banner in a strategically chosen location on Saturday 15 August. The banner had good visibility for drivers passing in both directions, as well as those travelling by train. Unfortunately the photos don’t do the banner and its position justice.

Almost 24 hours later, the banner was still in place.

Basic activism in Kungälv

Members of Activist Group 201 placed stickers in Ytterby, Kungälv Municipality, on 17 August to call people’s attention to the victims of multiculturalism.

Training in Gothenburg

Members of Activist Group 201 met in Gothenburg on 18 August for the week’s martial arts training. This time they practised different types of blocks against punches, as well as counters against punches and kicks. They concluded with sparring.

Banner drop in Borås

A banner and stickers were placed around Viskafors on the afternoon of 18 August.

Propaganda production in Nest 8

A large number of leaflets and other propaganda was produced in Nest 8 on 19 August.

Leafleting in Borås

On 17 August leaflets were delivered to residents in Kinnarumma, Borås Municipality. Afterwards banners and stickers were also put up.

Basic activism in Horten

Comrades and new local activists from Nest 1 put up White Lives Matter posters. The activity was successful and no complications arose.

White Lives Matter posters in Halden

Members of Nest 1 placed a number of White Lives Matter posters in Halden town centre.

Basic activism in Vige

Nest 2 placed stickers in Vige in Kristiansand.

Propaganda distribution in Copenhagen

Nest 2 activists placed stickers in Copenhagen.

Leaflets delivered in Horsens

Nest 1 activists delivered leaflets to addresses in Horsens.

Propaganda in Aars

Activists visited Erhverv School in Aars to distribute leaflets and put up stickers.

Stickers and posters in Reykjavík

A large number of stickers and posters were spread in the Laugardalur district of Reykjavik last weekend.