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The Resistance Movement visits Vetlanda Festival


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted public activism and spread National Socialism to the people on Saturday 27 May.

Nest 7 held a public leaflet distribution in Vetlanda during Vetlandafesten (Vetlanda Festival) on Saturday. The parliamentary parties were also there to spread their anti-White messages.

The activists took up positions with a flag next to the other political parties’ tents and started handing out leaflets amid the crowd. Many people accepted leaflets and talked with the Resistance men. The comrades met both sympathisers and opponents.

The politicians were very upset by the activists’ presence and immediately ran over to the police, who had their own exhibition a little farther away. After a while, a police officer dutifully came over and asked some questions to the Resistance men and read a leaflet. After receiving no answers to his questions, he returned to his own tent.

A woman from the Centre Party positioned herself demonstratively in front of the Resistance Movement’s flag bearer while holding a rainbow umbrella, in some sort of attempt to sabotage the activity. In response, one of the activists stood demonstratively in front of the Centre Party’s tent and gave out leaflets. The Center Party members complained about this and both parties subsequently agreed to give each other space.

All in all, it was a successful activity. The Resistance Movement has become a normal and expected sight on the streets of Vetlanda.