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ARISTOGENESIS #1: Introduction to Indo-Europeans


ARISTOGENESIS. Freja, Nestor and Tyrus will take us into the world of our ancestors.


An introduction to Aristogenesis
What is an “Aryan?”
Where were the Aryans from?
What was Aryan culture truly like?
Our corrupted custom


The word “Aristos” and its roots
Heimdal’s Nordic Aristocracy
The future of Aristogenesis

Further reading

Episode #1

    • In Search of the Indo-Europeans – J.P.Mallory
    • Tracing the Indo-Europeans: New evidence from archaeology and historical linguistics –
      Birgit A. Olsen (Editor); Thomas Olander (Editor); Kristian Kristiansen (Editor) Oxbow books
    • The Kurgan Culture and the Indo-Europeanization of Europe – Marija Gimbutas
    • The Horse, the Wheel and Language – David W. Anthony
    • Prehistoric Europe – Champion-Gamble-Shennan-Whittle
    • The Indo-Europeans. In Search of the Homeland – Alain de Benoist
    • Indoeuropean Poetry and Myth – M. L. West (Oxford University Press)
    • A vey good, comprehensive and updated narrative is found in the recent book “Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition” – Kevin MacDonald
    • Rígsthula – Rigs visa
    • The Poetic Edda
    • Sigurd Agrells books
      Semantik mysteriereligion och nordisk runmagi
      Lapptrummor och runmagi
      Could be found digital on: http://runeberg.org/lapptrumm/
    • “Den forna seden” – Östen Kjellman (in Swedish)
    • ..
    • more is yet to come..

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