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Confrontation with race traitors in Nyköping


ACTIVISM. Nest 8 were out and about, confronting traitors and exercising.

On the 6th of March, National Socialists from Nest 8 gathered in Nyköping for training. Before this, however, they paid a visit to a meeting where amongst others the local politician and anti-Swede Carina Wallin from the Social Democratic Party was attending.

Wallin took part in the absurd persecution of the local Resistance members that took place towards the end of 2017. She and the local media ran an agitation campaign against the activist group which ended in her breaking a contract they had signed with the local municipality, preventing them from renting a gym hall in Vrena.

A member entered the meeting and explained to these people that they’re going to have to accept that we are National Socialists, we are everywhere, and one day even they will join us.

After this, the group proceeded with the planned training of cardio and martial arts.