March honouring Karl XII, Stockholm, Sweden, 2021

The Nordic Resistance Movement participates in 30 November manifestation in Stockholm

MEMORIAL. Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement took part in the independent manifestation honouring Karl XII and his Caroleans in Stockholm on 30 November. The...

Photo report from Nordic Days 2023

NORDIC DAYS. A photo report featuring some of the best images from this year's Nordic Days event. A written report of Nordic Days 2023 can...

History was written!

EVENT. The chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement Haakon Forwald gives his thoughts on the successful demonstration in Kristiansand. It is...

Activist Days 2020 – Denmark

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement held the 2020 edition of their annual Activist Days event last weekend. Every year, members...
Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 relay race

Nordic Days 2022

EVENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement held this year’s Nordic Days event in Sweden’s Nest 2 on Saturday 30 July. On a warm, sunny summer’s day,...

Video from the Day of Honour in Budapest

EVENT. Here is a video from the Day of Honour held in Budapest, in remembrance of the brave soldiers who battled their way through...
The Nordic Resistance Movement honouring the fallen in 2021video

The Day of the Fallen 2021

MEMORIAL. On Sunday, 16 May – the Day of the Fallen – the Nordic Resistance Movement honoured the soldiers who died fighting in Finland...
Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023

Photo report from Organisation Days

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A photo report from Organisation Days 2023, with images taken by the Resistance Movement's photographers. Full report: Organisation Days 2023


Tyr rune statue

The revolutionary struggle must remain radical!

IDEOLOGY. Samuel Almroth writes about the importance of radical and revolutionary struggle. When talking about radicalism (our radicalism), one should also note how our principle...
Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?


Dropouts and traitors