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Nordic Gathering 2019 held in Eastern Norway


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Last weekend the Nordic Resistance Movement held Nordic Gathering 2019, an event for members and sympathisers. Here follows a report from the weekend.

Nordic Gathering 2019 is an internal event arranged by the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement for all members and sympathisers of the Movement. People came from all corners of the country to Eastern Norway, where this year’s event took place. The highlights of the weekend included a speech by Simon Lindberg, Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, and a speech by Tommy Olsen, Chief of the Norwegian branch.

The doors opened on Friday evening to allow people coming from afar to arrive and rest before the event started on Saturday morning. Guests enjoyed supper and productive discussions in good company. More Resistance men arrived throughout the night, with the final guests reporting in on Saturday morning.

The programme began at 8 a.m. with a communal breakfast, before the host Richard Eide bade everyone welcome and announced the day’s group activity.

Richard Eide bids everyone welcome

After the activity, it was time for lunch, followed by the next point on the programme, a speech by Tommy Olsen. It was a powerful speech in which he discussed the failed coup attempt, what has happened since and visions for the future. He concluded with an exhortation to continue the struggle with pride.

Tommy Olsen speaks

The next man to take to the stage was Frihetskamp’s chief editor, Martin Oppegaard, who spoke about the work of the organisation’s two Norwegian websites – Frihetskamp.net and Motstandsbevegelsen.org.

After that it was time to test some of the members’ potential. A few candidates were chosen to be brought up on stage and give a speech. Those selected on the day were Jan-Christopher Pedersen, Martin and Øystein Vaule.

After the speeches, a sales table was set up with various Resistance Movement products, including the organisation’s new T-shirts. Ronny Bårdsen also had a table with items from his webshop nordenstil.no.

Dinner consisted of a delicious casserole and fårikål. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and the cooks received much praise.

In the evening, it was time for the day’s next highlight, a speech by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Leader Simon Lindberg. Lindberg began by talking about his visit to Norway and praised Tommy Olsen for remaining loyal and stepping up to take responsibility for leading the Norwegian branch, as well as all the work he has done in the past six months. Lindberg’s speech was about the Resistance Movement’s operations and aims. It also got the audience thinking about what they could do to contribute even more to the struggle.

Simon Lindberg holds a speech

After Lindberg’ speech, there was time for the Movement’s members and sympathisers to socialise. Many new acquaintances were made over the course of the evening, and a lot of interesting conversations were had.

The event officially concluded on Sunday morning. The host ended Nordic Gathering 2019 by thanking everyone for coming and wishing them a safe journey home – until next time.