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Nest 1 visit Enköping


ACTIVISM. Nest 1 have been intensifying the struggle in the town of Enköping, Sweden, with a large propaganda offensive.

On the night of Friday, 1 March, a number of activists sprayed, stickered and put up banners with radical messages in and around Enköping. A security patrol car buzzed around and searched for the Resistance men while they worked but didn’t have any success. After about three hours, the activists decided to end the activity, having decorated the town with a large amount of propaganda. This was reflected in the newspaper articles that appeared the next day in the local media.

The activism continued on Saturday, as Nest 1 went to town to encourage the people of Enköping to join the struggle for their folk and a brighter future.

Enköping was a little sleepy on the day, but as soon as the Resistance Movement arrived the town started to wake up. The response was mixed. The older sections of the population seemed to be more negative to the Movement’s message, while younger people were more positive. Despite a few passers-by having a confrontational attitude and lack of manners, the activity went calmly.

Good discussions were held on a variety of subjects, from the police’s political violence to whether integration is a good or bad thing considering the current racial replacement in the Nordics. At around 3 p.m. the activists ended the activity and moved on.