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Concert evening in Nest 6


CULTURE. Members and supporters from Nest 6 recently gathered in a frosty and chilly Västerbotten for a pleasant day of musical entertainment and socialising.

The day’s activities began around lunchtime in a cosy, traditional venue. The event was set to be something a little special, as the schedule combined the monthly meeting with a full day of social activities.

After the meeting was concluded, the day’s chefs began the food production. The menu consisted of roasted pork loin with potato gratin, salad and mushroom sauce.

While the chefs were toiling in the kitchen, Simon Holmqvist had been busy putting together a quiz so the day’s guests could test their knowledge while the food bubbled away. Holmqvist did an excellent job with his question-setting, and the winner got to choose a free product from the merchandise stall.

Visiting comrades from Nest 4 arrived just in time to eat. The food was a big success, and when everyone was full, it was time for the day’s highpoint: Henrik Pihlström. Pihlström has created a three-part show, with the first segment consisting of a talk with musical interludes. Here the audience learns more about the ideas behind some of the songs and how the music is made.

Pihlström has an easy-going manner in his show, and the atmosphere was very informal and relaxed. The audience were given the opportunity to ask questions, and the first part of the show, which lasted roughly an hour, felt a little short despite featuring six songs.

Between parts one and two, there was another musical performance, with Marita Andersson and her accompaniment playing two songs. First was a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover, followed by Marita’s own composition, Moder Svea. The performance was greatly appreciated, and Marita and her guitarist had the audience enraptured from the very first note. We hope they increase their repertoire next time and give us more of the same fantastic energy and professionalism.

Pihlström’s second act was a scaled-down variant of the first. This time there was less conversation, and the songs were given more of the spotlight. Pihlström’s straightforward and honest musical style lends itself very well to the important message conveyed in his music. Some tracks are pure rock numbers, while others are heart-rending ballads. There are many hits – and Pihlström’s main strength is his powerful and hard-hitting refrains that give the songs a real punch.

The third part of the performance consisted solely of music. Here Pihlström delved deep into his back catalogue. There was even more variation, with some of the tracks being comical and featuring razor-sharp satire. The evening concluded with Pihlström playing some tasters of studio recordings from a forthcoming release – which we eagerly anticipate.

Henrik Pihlström’s album Sånger till folket (Songs for the People) is available at Greenpilled.com.