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Photo report from flash demonstration in Västerås


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. An extended photo report from the demonstration held in honour of martyrs on 9 December.

Written report from the demonstration:

Flash demonstration honouring martyrs

Distribution of torches
“The blood of martyrs demands struggle today!”

The march goes along the streets of Västerås

The police say hello

Comrades chant, “The blood of heroes runs through us.”

The train arrives on Sigmatorget

None of the little girls could speak Swedish without sounding like a foreigner who just arrived on a boat
Johan Staaf gives a speech

Joakim Kannisto begins his speech
The police let a racial stranger through to make things a little livelier
The foreigner tastes some fire
The comrades fight back when the police draw their weapons
The foreigner is taken aside, while another, who sees an opportunity to attack, is knocked down by a comrade

There is a lot of shouting from both sides

Negotiations with police about what happens next
The police detain a comrade

The speech continues

With the activity completed and the detained comrades released by the police, everyone heads back to the gathering place
“Fighter today – Martyr tomorrow!”
Now with considerably more followers…

“We have to check which cars you’re driving for your own safety”
Gathering next to the cemetery in Surahammar

Torches are lit again
In formation

Sura Church in the background

The wreath is placed on the grave

Lighting graveside candles
“Rest in peace, Little Man – We demand revenge!”
Several short speeches are given…
…followed by a minute’s silence

Daniel Wretström – Present!