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Monthly meeting and lecture in Nest 2


MEETING. On Saturday 4 January, it was time for Nest 2’s monthly meeting, which this time was held in Halmstad, on Sweden’s west coast.

Getting to the meeting a little problematic, as central Halmstad was crawling with police vans and unmarked cars, but after the cops were shaken off, the activists were able to arrive at the venue. There food was waiting on the tables, and on the stage was a podium and projector. This wasn’t going to be a regular monthly meeting – the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg was visiting to give his celebrated lecture “What Is National Socialism?”.

After a little mingling and shopping at the merchandise stall, it was time for the main event. Simon began the talk by first explaining what National Socialism is not. He then provided three quick answers about the ideology that activists could give people at public activities. As the speech progressed, the subject became more complex, and Simon spoke about National Socialism’s deeper meaning – notably our cornerstones of folk community, Nordic leadership and the personal struggle to be the best version of oneself. Before concluding the speech, Simon answered questions asked by members of the audience. These included interesting queries about our worldview, globalism and the outlook for our future – all of which were answered with great optimism. The lecture was then concluded and much good food was served.

Before the meeting drew to a close, Martin Engelin presented two films to the audience. One was a never-before-seen video of activism around Gothenburg, and the other was a yearly review of 2019, which drew much merriment and applause from the attendees. Prior to heading home, everyone also partook in some communal singing of Resistance Movement songs.

The meeting was much appreciated, and everyone left Halmstad full of cheer, fighting spirit and a desire to intensify the struggle!