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Monthly meeting for Nest 8


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 8 in Sweden holds monthly meeting with food, socializing and martial arts training.

On the 5th of May, Nest 8 gathered for its monthly meeting. The first point on the agenda was a short but intense training session led by members of the activist group. The exercise practised by the comrades was how one person can defend himself against two assailants.

Following that, all the activists present at the meeting sat around the long table and discussed the past month as well as the future struggle. The text “Our Honour Is Loyalty” was read out loud before food was served, a text that is strongly recommended as it emphasises the right role models and encourages loyalty and self-sacrifice. The reading was followed by a meal consisting of tuna salad and Nest 8’s classic cabbage dish. The rest of the day was spent with socializing between the members, visiting the Nest’s own store and their own recently opened library.