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Camping excursion in Rogaland


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Comrades from the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement enjoyed an outing in Rogaland earlier this month.

Activists, members and sympathisers from the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement went on a camping trip to Rogaland on the second weekend of August.

Those travelling from farther afield arrived in Rogaland on Thursday evening and slept over indoors until Friday morning.

On Friday a camp was set up with tents and a gathering place beside the barbeque and campfire. The comrades bathed in the sea and socialised beside the fire with good food and drink. New faces were present, and good conversations were had throughout the evening.

Richard Eide and Ronny Bårdsen enjoy themselves beside the fire.

On Saturday the group partook in archery and diverse outings to see historic places around Rogaland. The comrades visited the Sverd i fjell (Swords in Rock) monument in Hafrsfjord, where they met a sympathiser who recognised some of the Resistance men. The supporter donated 500 kroner to the Resistance Movement, which was naturally accepted with thanks.

“Sverd i fjell” monument in Hafrsfjord, Stavanger.

Vigdel Fort was also visited. The fort was built by the Germans during World War II and was designed to serve as a defensive structure against the English. It provides wonderful views, and a lot of photos were taken there.

Later on Saturday, the comrades went on a fishing trip, during which it quickly became dark. As night fell, a loud roar was heard across the whole forest and was reminiscent of a raging bear. However, it turned out to be Ronny Bårdsen, who had stepped into a swamp and gotten himself a little wet.

The evening ended with a barbeque and socialising.

On Sunday morning it was finally time to pack up and head home. All in all it was a great trip despite some challenges along the way such as organising extra transport.

Photos from the trip: