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Outdoor training and monthly meeting in Sweden’s Nest 7


MEETING. Nest 7 held their monthly meeting with physical training and a study circle in the summer heat earlier this month.

Swedish river in woodlandSweden’s Nest 7 held their monthly meeting on Saturday, 5 June. In the morning they gathered to practise martial arts. They trained in punching techniques, before everyone had to attempt to defend themselves against three opponents at once. When the training was over, the group bathed in a lake next to the training field.

NRM Nest 7 in training

After bathing, the comrades went to a barbecue site out in the forest and made a fire for grilling. While they waited for the food, they read Chapter 3 of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political programme Our Path and discussed the contents.

Our Path political programme of the Nordic Resistance MovementNRM Nest 7 summer meeting

Finally, the monthly meeting was held. The attendees reviewed and evaluated the past month’s activities, which included the ceremonies on the Day of the Fallen, as well as the action at the car meet in Vetlanda the week before. Praise was handed out, and the group discussed how the coming month’s activities could be even better.

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