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Photo report from Nordic Days 2023


NORDIC DAYS. A photo report featuring some of the best images from this year’s Nordic Days event.

A written report of Nordic Days 2023 can be found here.

The day began around 11.00

While most of the Nordic Days guests went to the Nordic Man of the Year competition, the chef team stayed behind and prepared lunch

The competitions began with a simple warm-up
Not everyone present at Nordic Days took part in the competition
The first event: team wrestling

In order to easily recognise which team was which, only one of them wore T-shirts

The second event: tug of war

The third event saw each team run a relay race while carrying a sandbag

Unfortunately, the fourth event was cut short when one of the pugil sticks broke during a particularly heated battle

The fifth event was a shield battle, in which each team had to push their opponents in the other team out of the ring

After the shield battle, one team was declared the winner. Its members would now compete against one another. They first conducted simple strength and fitness events, which halved the team’s potential winners, before seeing who could hold a weight with outstretched arms the longest.

Pär Sjögren and Anders Gudmarsson made it to the final, which consisted of a Nordic knife duel and wrestling

Pär Sjögren won both the knife duel and the wrestling, clinching victory and the title of Nordic Man of the Year. This meant the final’s third discipline, the boxing match, was not required to determine the result.

The chef team finished preparing lunch during the competition and were already starting to prepare dinner

After lunch it was time for the market

There was also a competition with various events for the children. When they weren’t taking part in the competition, many of the children enjoyed the large bouncy castle.

The prize for winning Nordic Man of the Year was a handmade axe

Afterwards, Pär Öberg gave a speech about the Nordic Resistance Movement and the significance our organisation has around the world

The day concluded with dinner, which led into a convivial evening for those who had chosen to stay overnight