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Resistance men fight off reds at BLM demonstration in Umeå


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Resistance men fought back against masked reds at a sect-like Black Lives Matter demonstration in Umeå, Sweden, on Saturday.

On Saturday 6th June journalists from Motståndsrörelsen.se were in Broparken, Umeå, to observe the city’s Black Lives Matter demonstration.

The website’s correspondent reported an extremely sect-like atmosphere at the gathering, where the participants stood in the rain and shouted slogans for over half an hour under the direction of Africans with badly functioning megaphones.

Some of the slogans were “No justice, no peace”, “George Floyd” and “Black Lives Matter”.

In addition to a lot of young women and genderless male-like figures, many of the hundreds of participants consisted of masked left-wing extremists and racially foreign young men.

When the monotonous and religiously charged sectarian chanting was finally over and the attendees were going home, an altercation occurred when members from the Nordic Resistance Movement – who were also present – were attacked.

Motståndsrörelsen.se’s correspondent didn’t see the confrontation himself but was later in contact with some of those involved, as well as with witnesses, and spoke with them about what happened.

One Resistance man stated that the police identified him and the comrade he was with almost immediately after they arrived. Four policemen then remained stationed nearby. However, a dozen masked reds were allowed to surround the National Socialists at the end of the demonstration, while more aggressive immigrants stood a bit farther away.

Several people, both among the reds and racial foreigners, were known from past encounters as confrontational and violent individuals.

The reds became very aggressive and advanced towards the Resistance men, asking what they were doing there. The comrades remained calm and answered stoically that they were there to watch the demonstration.

After the reds made several attempts to escalate the situation, one of them eventually became violent and grabbed one of the National Socialists’ collars to try to pull him over, which resulted in an altercation.

Despite the numerical disadvantage, Motståndsrörelsen.se was informed that the left-wing extremists didn’t land a single blow on the National Socialists, who were later aided by other comrades who caught sight of the disturbance from their position elsewhere at the demonstration.

One of the intervening men was David Nilsson, who, in his successful attempt to protect his comrades, was tackled by a policeman.

Due to the surrounding chaos, David wasn’t aware who his assailant was, and a wrestling match ensued. Witnesses reported that the police’s communication equipment flew in all directions during the struggle and that it took four officers to hold the Resistance man down.

A detained violent red who – as far as we know – is not suspected of a crime. This was the case for all of the violent reds, even though they were the ones who initiated the attack.

After the incident the Resistance men were in high spirits, satisfied with having successfully fought off a left-wing attack without sustaining any injuries despite a large numerical disadvantage.