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The Year of Struggle 2020 – Denmark


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. We present a collection of all the memorable Nordic Resistance Movement activities in Denmark from 2020.

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2020 was a very different year both for the Nordic people and their vanguard in the Nordic Resistance Movement. The system’s restrictions and the public’s fear of the virus meant that the organisation had to adapt its activities. For example, 2020 was defined by fewer public actions on the streets and squares, with more focus instead being placed on other important aspects of the struggle, such as wilderness activities, training in martial arts and so-called “desktop Nazism”.

Despite the Corona-related restrictions, activists, members and supporters submitted 349 action reports in 2020.

Banner actions

There have still been demonstrations and public actions despite Corona, such as banner and flag actions on bridges. In total, sixteen banner actions were held during the year, which corresponds to an average of 1.3 per month.

The most memorable actions:



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Poster actions

While public leaflet distributions in 2020 were reduced, poster actions significantly increased. “Poster races” were launched, with hundreds of posters being placed in individual cities in one action. In 2020, 12 major poster actions were carried out, averaging one major action per month.

The most memorable actions:

Nationwide and pan-Nordic action

The Nordic Resistance Movement made the people across the Nordics aware of foreign customs and Zionist domination plans.

Nationwide and pan-Nordic action

The Nordic Resistance Movement carried out extensive activism across the Nordic countries on 1 May.


Activists put up posters and distributed leaflets after a series of cases of anarchist vandalism in Aarhus.

Covid-19 activism in several towns

Covid 19 awareness activism

Activists placed Covid-19 posters in Aarhus and Randers.

Nationwide action

Activists put up posters on Denmark’s “liberation” day.

Nationwide action

White Lives Matter posters were put up across the country over several months.

Extensive poster activism in Nest 3

Nest 3 activists conducted a poster race, with over 600 posters being placed in seven towns.

Other actions

2020 also brought several different kinds of actions.


The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Winter Aid initiative went to Aarhus to give food and warm winter clothes to homeless Danes.


Activists put up road signs in several multicultural areas in Aarhus.


Activists conducted a sensational and bloody action in central Aalborg.


A bloody altar appeared one night in a car park outside Randers Storcenter.

Social activities 

There was no shortage of social activities on offer to members of the Resistance Movement in 2020. Some worth mentioning in particular are the skill-building activities and those aimed at strengthening comradeship.

Rappelling in Nest 3

Instruction in climbing and rappelling for members and activists.

Orienteering exercise in Rold Forest

The Nordic Resistance Movement held an orienteering and survival exercise in North Jutland, where the participants had to contend with the dense forest and wetland areas that characterise Rold Forest.

Activist Days 2020

In July, the Nordic Resistance Movement held its annual Activist Days event.

New Year Dinner 2021

2020 was a fantastic year of struggle, and 2021 got underway with a cosy New Year dinner at the start of January.

Attacks from the system and imprisonment

2020 was also the year when the system went on the attack against the Nordic Resistance Movement and Nest Chief Jacob Vullum.

The media demonstrated why they’re known as the lying press when they filled their newspapers with distortions and lies on multiple occasions in their coverage of Vullum’s trial.

The justice system’s complete lack of neutrality and total disregard for the concept of legal certainty was proved via the court’s enforcement of a judgement that was seemingly decided before the first piece of evidence in the case was presented.

The Kristallnacht case has unmasked the system’s many faces, and we can now clearly see that the State of Denmark – including the police, intelligence service, prosecutors, judges and media – share one and the same view of the system’s opponents, and are all willing to defame, distort, lie, manipulate, override case law, and convict and punish in advance.

Despite the conviction from the system’s anti-Danish courtroom, Vullum remains among the Resistance Movement’s frontline fighters, after a statement from the Nordic Council in November acquitted the Nest Chief of all charges.

Thank you for a great year of struggle

Many thanks to all sympathisers, members and activists who contributed to all these actions in 2020.

2021 appears to be another year that will be strongly influenced by Corona, which is why the Resistance Movement’s focus will be on surprising and creative activism rather than major public actions. We will naturally also continue to work hard on our internal infrastructure in order to be ready for the day when Danish men and women have had enough of being trampled on.

Are you one of those who have already had enough of the madness that is happening in our country and want to stand up as a man or woman and fight for your children and grandchildren’s right to our homeland? Then it’s time to submit your application and join our fighting community today and contribute to a fantastic 2021!