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Become a participant in life!


OPINION. Activist Cedric Höglund has listened to the speech “The Gift of Life” by Dr. William Pierce and explains how important it is for the Nordic people to stop being spectators and to start taking part in life.

I recently watched a video that really stuck in my mind. It was a video by Dr. William Pierce in which he spoke about how most people don’t live their own lives but are just spectators of other people’s lives.

Dr. William Pierce, who sadly passed away in 2002, was for a long time a leading figure in the nationalist movement in America. He was known for his ability to predict the more anti-white developments of society, and for his wisdom on how to wage the struggle. He authored two books, The Turner Diaries and Hunter, which I recommend all National Socialists to read. The Swedish versions are available at Greenpilled.com. Of course his speeches are also well worth listening to. For example, Pierce says:

“This wonderful gift of life that we have, what does it mean? What is its real value? Is it simply a collection of sensations, of feelings that we get as spectators? I’m sure that for many people that’s what life is. […] The more enjoyable the things they see as spectators, the better their lives are.”

Back then, almost 20 years ago (and no doubt even before that), there were people who just like today sat glued to their monitors and TV screens or in football stands and cinemas. Instead of living their own lives, these people were just spectators of other people’s lives, in many cases of bad fictional TV-characters’ lives. This way of life has not improved, rather the opposite. Today more white people are spectators than ever before. They haven’t just increased in number, but the quality of what these spectators are watching has also become increasingly worse.

Nowadays I meet people who sit for several hours each day and consume anti-white TV shows on Netflix, idiotic videos on YouTube or other people’s pictures of food on Instagram. This is most likely not a temporary phase undertaken by many young Nordic people in a bid to pass time, but something many live for. They go to work and make money just so they can come home and consume what other people have achieved and want to achieve, without any thought of what they themselves want to achieve in life.

But is this really strange? In today’s society Nordic and white people in general are not wanted, according to the media. Schools and big corporations are advocating daily for our people’s replacement and further decadence.

It’s not strange that a white man or woman chooses to follow someone else’s life to avoid living their own, which, in their opinion, often has no meaning. Maybe it’s just easier to be a character in a TV series or game, dreaming of an alternative world filled with happiness and caring communities, where you can be the hero instead of the villain.

We in the Nordic Resistance Movement can count ourselves lucky, as we woke up early from the indoctrination, realized the truth and found meaning in the life of the struggle. Just as with Dr. Pierce, our work is to continue the fight, which we do by waking up more people of the white race and by making our people realize they can be heroes in life and not just in fictional games.

The Resistance Movement’s activists are not spectators; rather we are very much active participants in life.

To participate does not mean you only do what is necessary for yourself, but that you undertake actions for the greater good of our race, our people and humanity in general. Take heed of these activities and their impact on the future for white civilization. It’s time for the rest of the Nordic people to leave the sidelines and start to participate in the march for our people’s survival and freedom.

Just as Dr. Pierce said:

“For those of us today who do want to participate in life, who want to live significant lives, there is no more significant activity in which to participate than working to assure a healthy future for our people, for our European race. […] Don’t try to be a ‘smart guy’ by continuing to cheer from the sidelines but refusing to join the team and get out on the field. Stand up and become a participant in life! Make of your life a model that people will remember and talk about long after you’re gone.”