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Spectacular activism in central Kristianstad


ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement held a town square meeting and an abseiling action in the multicultural city of Kristianstad on 11 September.

Kristianstad NRM activism

Kristianstad has recently been hit hard by the increasing multicultural criminality that is spreading across Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region due to the politicians’ betrayal of the people. Swedes living in Kristianstad no longer dare to go outside after everything that has happened. Just recently this has included fatal shootings, a library that was forced to close after vandalism, a mentally ill Syrian who kidnapped and tortured a newspaper courier, bomb explosions, and a 60-year-old woman who was shot when she was going to post some mail.

While the parties in the Riksdag come out with empty rhetoric about integration and raising or lowering taxes, the Resistance Movement takes to the streets to remind Swedes that “This is our country!”

Kristianstad NRM activismKristianstad NRM activism

With support from Nest 7, the Resistance men took up their positions on one of the larger town squares in central Kristianstad to hand out leaflets and hold a speech. Also present were some members of the Sweden Democrats and the Citizens’ Coalition party, who gave out a few pathetic paper bags of party knick-knacks.

The activist Cedric Höglund made his speaking debut and urged the Swedish people to join the struggle. Below are two excerpts from his speech:

Our so-called elected representatives do not work for the Swedes but against us. When is enough actually enough? How long are you going to accept the madness? How long are you going to sit silently?

It was the Swedes who built this country. It was the Swedes who fought and died for this country. And it is only the Swedes who can take this country back!

Kristianstad NRM speechKristianstad NRM speechAfter a while, a security guard arrived and made the strange claim that the activists had been vandalising a dustbin, when in reality they had just been removing a hostile poster from it. After attempting to interrogate nearly all of the activists and trying to prevent the activism, the guard was encouraged to call the real police instead of pretending to be a policeman himself, something that offended him greatly.

Kristianstad NRM activism and guard
An offended guard engages in a staring contest with the activists

The Sweden Democrats who were present quietly complained about some Muslims who had set up a small tent a little way off, while simultaneously appearing to appreciate the presence of the non-European guard. In their view, he was well integrated into the politically correct Swedish culture and was busily engaged in harassing the real opposition. A rather telling example of the Sweden Democrats’ treacherous politics.

Apart from that, no one protested the Resistance Movement’s presence – and in many cases it was the opposite.

Kristianstad NRM activismAfter just over an hour, the activity was concluded in order to prepare for the next action.

Kristianstad NRM activism
The Resistance men plan their next activity

Two activists strapped into their harnesses while others got ready for their respective tasks, which consisted of filming and documenting, attaching the ropes and assisting with safety.

Several people stopped below the galleria when they saw the two activists abseiling down the 20-metre-high wall. An impressive banner was then attached to the Galleria Boulevard wall with the message “This is our country!”

Kristianstad NRM abseiling actionThe banner remained in position for at least an hour, but was likely there for much longer.

Kristianstad NRM abseiling action
The Galleria Boulevard shopping centre is decorated with a true and radical message – “This is our country!”

Nest 3 have conducted similar actions in the past, including on 1 May, when activists affixed a banner to one of the Kärnan towers in Helsingborg – in clear view of many townspeople.

The activity in Kristianstad was reported on live throughout the day, which ensured the action received wider attention.

After a very successful day, the activity declared over, and Nest 3 thanked Nest 7 for their support.