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Statement on the murder suspect with alleged connections to the Resistance Movement


STATEMENT. An official statement from the organisation on the knife attack in Visby yesterday.

According to information from the police, a woman in her 60s died following a knife attack during Almedalen Week in Visby, Sweden, yesterday. A 33-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The police have stated there is no indication of political motive in the investigation thus far; however, various media outlets have spread information claiming that the arrested man has links to the Nordic Resistance Movement.

We do not yet have final confirmation of the alleged suspect’s identity, but the man named in certain reports currently being circulated has never been a member, or even a support member, of the Nordic Resistance Movement. The alleged suspect wrote three guest articles for the news site Nordfront many years ago, which were of a general geopolitical nature and had no connection to the organisation. The alleged suspect is also reported to have attended two demonstrations organised by the Nordic Resistance Movement; however, these were completely open to the public and most of the participants were from outside the organisation.

Claims that the man has participated in a radio show connected to the organisation are false and have presumably been made in an attempt to create the appearance of a stronger connection between the man and the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Neither the Nordic Resistance Movement nor Nordfront have had any contact with the alleged suspect for many years and thus have no knowledge of his activities or life today. It is therefore entirely possible that he now has other political sympathies or is active in another political party.

We urge all of our members and supporters not to participate in the sharing of personal information and photos of the alleged identity of the suspect – at least not until any of this information has been confirmed. Being wrongly accused of murder can naturally be a very serious matter.

The Nordic Resistance Movement will comment further on the case as soon as we know more.