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1 May – Jimmy Thunlind speaks in Ludvika


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Jimmy Thunlind delivered another impassioned speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 1 May demonstration in Ludvika. Here follows a video by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group.

Jimmy spoke about how the trade unions have betrayed the working class and instead advocate for mass immigration, globalism and other matters that are not in the interest of the Nordic worker. He talked about the trade union members who vote Sweden Democrat and explained why the Nordic Resistance Movement is a better choice. He also spoke about National Socialist Germany’s labour market politics and how the Swedish Social Democrats replicated much of it when establishing their so-called People’s Home.

The Jewish world movement has expressly stated they will exterminate us as an organisation, and presumably also as individuals. The Swedish politicians have declared war and say they want to ban us as a movement. The mass media, workers’ unions, employers and banks have all declared war on us by lying about us, excluding us, firing us from our jobs, and cutting us off from the economic system.


But, nevertheless, here we stand. We are still here. We stand unwavering, side by side and look the enemy in the eye! So now I want to ask you, all you comrades standing here today: Do you want the total struggle? Are you going to fight for the realization of the white, Nordic nation? Are you prepared to fight for victory whatever the cost?

– Jimmy Thunlind