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A week of activism and excursions in Western Norway


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Norway’s Nest 3 recently conducted a full week of activities in Western Norway.

Members from Norway’s Nest 3 recently held a week-long offensive that saw over a thousand leaflets distributed in Bergen and the surrounding area, as well as in the municipalities of Alver and Austrheim. A large number of posters were put up, along with close to 300 stickers and 50 signs.

The activism created some media publicity when a political opponent reported being “shocked” by “Nazi symbols”, according to local media.

“Greeted by Nazi symbol on the way to their cabin / Shocked by use of Nazi symbol.” Screenshot from Vestnytt.

Some days were dedicated to activism and others to excursions to the island of Turøy and the village of Ågotnes. The week was blessed with some long-awaited fine weather and was free from confrontations with opponents.

The Western Norway members were also visited by a National Socialist from Serbia, who has followed the Resistance Movement for many years. The Serb reported that the Resistance Movement is a huge inspiration for National Socialists in his homeland. He was also very shocked by the all-encompassing presence of the decadent homo lobby in Bergen, as well as the many racial aliens that can unfortunately be seen everywhere in the city. It was a pleasant meeting and will definitely not be the last of its type.

Selected photos from the activities: