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The Resistance Movement take centre stage at Västerås car show


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Resistance Movement activists held a monthly meeting, followed by actions in Västerås town centre and the Summer Meet car show, on 8 July.

The day began with a short monthly meeting, during which upcoming plans were discussed. The attendees were then tasked with sorting through a huge load of leaflets and stickers that had recently been delivered. Thousands upon thousands of stickers were counted and mixed into piles of various designs until they completely covered the sorting tables, before being divided up between the attendees.

Next, there was a brief explanation of the plan for the day, after which everyone enjoyed lunch in the good company of their comrades. With the food consumed, the group drove to central Västerås, where the annual Västerås Summer Meet car show was scheduled to take place. The car show was due to be held on a more informal basis than in previous years, however, as this year the municipality had refused to grant permission for the main event.

Holding their flags high, the group marched through the town until they came to a small square. This is a well-known place to the Resistance Movement, who have visited it several times before for similar actions. Just a few moments after reaching the location, several police cars started to approach. This is because peaceful gatherings with dissenting opinions are regarded as the most dangerous possible crime in the liberal democratic society.

The activists unfurled a banner and stationed flag bearers around the square, then began handing out the brand new leaflets. As always, the response was both positive and negative, with the majority of people appearing completely indifferent to the issue of population replacement, which directly affects their children and grandchildren.

A rather cocky policeman approached an activist to ask the usual questions, about “what”, “where”, “when” and “how long”, etc. When he was told the Resistance Movement might stay in the town until evening, as there would be a car cruise with a lot of people (and the right sort of people, too), he replied: “No, the cruising is cancelled; there won’t be any cruising.”

In response he was informed, “That’s not how the liberal democratic system works. There will be a cruise, whether you like it or not.” After some thought, the officer conceded this would probably be the case and let out a dejected sigh.

After standing in the blazing sun for a while, the activists rolled up the banner and marched back towards the cars, closely followed by several police officers.

When the police managed to locate the comrades’ cars, they obstructed the only exit with vehicles and registered the political opinions and car registration numbers of everyone present as they left, something that is supposed to be illegal in Sweden.

“Stop the destruction of our people”

Undeterred by the state lackeys, the activists headed to another part of town, where they split into two groups. Each group took up positions on a separate roundabout, as the allegedly cancelled cruising event meant there were many cars circulating around them, much to the chagrin of the police.

With a banner and three flags in each group, the activists stood on the roundabouts while handing out leaflets and stickers to approaching drivers, something that was particularly appreciated by youngsters. The police were not quite as happy, attempting to stop the free dissemination of opinion by occupying a large part of one of the roundabouts with two police vans. However, the Resistance men did not let this concern them and stood in the vacant places with their banner and flags.

The most easily offended police officer in Västerås then jumped out of one of the vans and tried to make contact with the comrades. He approached them one after the other, but was constantly met with silence. He then attempted to provoke a reaction by standing as close as possible in front of the person he was addressing, staring them in the eyes and asking question after question for several minutes.

So what are you doing? What does it say on your leaflets? Do you understand what I’m saying? Why aren’t you responding? Can’t you just answer the question? How do you feel about standing there? Shouldn’t you stand over there instead? Why are you standing here?

Disappointed he couldn’t control the situation with his master suppression techniques, the officer eventually retreated and sat in his van again. While this was going on, cheerful raggare drove back and forth around the roundabout, waving their right arms, playing music with illegal lyrics and even shouting things that could get the publisher of this website jailed if repeated here.

The atmosphere was just as positive on the other roundabout, which had no intrusive police around. However, one motorcycle officer was seen cautiously giving the thumbs-up as he left the scene. Later, when the activity ended, all the motorcycle police in the vicinity gave the thumbs-up or the OK sign.

The group then made their way to a nearby gas station to get something to eat and drink under the summer sun. The police didn’t want to miss out, so they went to the same place in their dozens to harass the Swedish youths who stood there. The youths were then handed bundles of stickers in front of the police and happily stuck them on their cars. To ensure the police didn’t feel left out, they were also rewarded with a sticker, even though they were perhaps not fully aware of it.

“Wake up! Or watch your people die.”

Next, it was time for the only activity of the day that the Summer Meet organisers had actually been granted permission for: the “Burnout Competition”. After the comrades arrived at the gathering place, it didn’t take long before interested youths started to approach on their own initiative, extremely interested in all the propaganda they could get their hands on. This place, unlike downtown earlier in the day, was almost exclusively White, which was evident by the response the Resistance men received. Dense smoke of various colours periodically enshrouded the area, while loud music blared out from numerous tailgates.

With flags waving in the wind, and lots of stickers and leaflets in hand, the activists circulated the large car park where the competition was held. Happy people of various ages flocked to the comrades to say hello, get propaganda and take celebrity selfies with the Resistance men. The comrades walked round and round the car park, always meeting new people who were positive about the Resistance Movements presence. A highly uplifting atmosphere pervaded the whole area. Even the very few people who were negatively disposed towards the comrades didnt complain about their presence.

A young girl receives a present after getting permission from her parents

As the evening drew in and the propaganda supply was practically exhausted, the group headed back to their cars. Just a few minutes after the comrades ended the activity and got in their vehicles, the heavens opened and rain swept over the area, which was quickly followed by Thor’s wrath. The downpour was so intense that it was sometimes hard to see the road ahead.

Many people were happy to decorate their cars with the Resistance Movement’s propaganda

Happy to have finished the activity on time, the majority of the party went to a supporter’s house for a post-activity get-together. Here they stayed until the sun went down, after which they headed home one car at a time, very satisfied with the day and full of new fighting spirit!