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Best response ever (and a little police harassment) – Actions at Summer Meet car show in Västerås


ACTIVISM. Over the course of two days, the Resistance Movement conducted very well-received activities at a major car show; however, the activism was not as popular with the police.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner at Summer Meet Västerås car show, Sweden

This year’s Summer Meet Västerås car show got underway on Thursday 7 July. The show is one of the largest in Europe and attracts thousands of car enthusiasts to Västerås, central Sweden, every year.

On Friday at 5 p.m., the annual classic car cruising took place, where all the cars are driven through Västerås with crowds of people sitting watching along the streets. The Nordic Resistance Movement took this opportunity to hold a bridge action at Lögarängsbadet with the message “White workers built this country. White workers can take this country back!”

The group stood in place for around three hours, and the response was incredibly good. Even the police, who arrived after a while to observe the Resistance men, behaved in an exemplary fashion – which proved not to last for the rest of the day.

Nordic Resistance Movement flag at Summer Meet Västerås car show, Sweden

When the group had concluded the action and were about to jump in their cars, an activist was suddenly arrested. It turned out he was suspected of having had a tradesman’s knife in his work car in 2021. The activist was released after questioning, and the comrades laughed long and hard over the absurd situation – partly due to the police coming to arrest someone on account of having a tradesman’s knife, and partly for questioning him in such a way one year after the alleged crime.

Later that evening, some of the group decided to go down and look around the show for a bit; then, from out of nowhere, a car with a Tyr rune flag on its rear window suddenly appeared, prompting the comrades to go over and exchange friendly opinions with the owner.

NRM Tyr rune flag on old car, Summer Meet Västerås car show

The activism continued on Saturday. This time the comrades stood on a roundabout next to the large motor show with a banner and flags. Never before had anyone in the group received such a good response from passers-by. This included everything from thumbs-up to supportive shouts and even cars that started playing nationalist music. There were also several occasions when the activists had to stop themselves from reflexively responding to people who raised their arms in forbidden victory salutes.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner at Summer Meet Västerås car show, Sweden

The comrades stood there for two hours before the ugly snout of the law showed up and decided the Resistance Movement were getting too good of a response. It began with a motorcycle cop approaching and more or less parking in front of the banner with his vehicle; although this was easily counteracted by the activists taking a few steps past the policeman.

Next, both a police van and radio patrol car came and parked in front of the banner, with the officers deciding it was the ideal place to conduct breathalyser tests on passing drivers. After the activists told the police exactly what they thought of them, they moved on and took up positions right outside the car show. They stood there for about another hour, with the same good response.

Swedish food on table

Two days of struggle in Västerås subsequently concluded with a social activity featuring a very pleasant barbecue evening with good food and a lot of laughter. We end this report with a quote from one of the activists who stood on the roundabout:

I felt like a freaking rock star!