NRM activist on the Bohusleden trail, Sweden

Challenging hike on the Bohusleden trail

HIKING. Sweden's Nest 2 hiked along sections of the Bohusleden trail again on 22 May. This time it was a somewhat tougher challenge than...
NRM Nest 6 hiking in Snöberget Nature Reserve, northern Sweden

Wilderness camping in Sweden’s Nest 6

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 6 held a wilderness camping trip featuring physical challenges and views of the northern lights. On Saturday 26 March members and...

Activist test and monthly meeting in Ludvika

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 5 met on a warm summer’s day to train and hold a meeting. The day began with the Nest’s activists and...



Dropouts and traitors

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland explains the differences between dropouts and traitors – with illustrative examples. He also gives instructions to the...
Nordic Resistance Movement activists with flares at anti-vaccine passport demonstration, Stockholm

Resistance pays off!