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NORDIC FRONTIER #108: The Lead Episode


NORDIC FRONTIER. We celebrate the big man in style, discuss the lead content of Irish journalist and get jacked for 1 of May demonstrations.

For the listener question: European comrades: It’s time to join the Resistance

Mixed Bag:

Hitler 130 years!

A nice reading of William Pierce’s “The measure of greatness” by Kevin Alfred Strom

House of the Swedes 2.0: The Boomer Edition

Racist Movies in Finland

New Right Wing White Supreemist party registered in Ireland

Commie journalist get acute lead poisoning – in the Brain!

Another kebab blowout in Sri Lanka

Based poles beating and burning Jew traitor

“Workers against Globalism – For a Nordic Nation!” – First of May Demonstration details

Honouring a fallen hero, public activity and a spontaneous demonstration in Stockholm

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