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Monthly meeting and lecture in Sundsvall


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 4 in Sweden held their monthly meeting and were treated to a special lecture by Fredrik Vejdeland.

On Saturday the 27th of July, Nest 4 held its monthly meeting in Sundsvall.

The meeting was followed by a presentation by Fredrik Vejdeland, member of the Resistance Movement’s Nordic council, on national socialism and the ideological foundations of the movement. The lecture was greatly appreciated from both members and sympathizers who were invited because of Vejdeland’s remarkable talent, knowledge and understanding of both the political and philosophical aspects of national socialism, as well as his rhetoric and analytical ability to convey them to his audience in a well comprehensive manner.

The day was concluded with a meeting for some of Nordfront’s associates where future plans and strategies were discussed.

Many new media projects are rolling out this autumn, among them several Swedish speaking podcasts. But for the international listeners there is always Nordic Frontier and Nordic Voice for the latest news concerning the movement.