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Nordic Days 2020


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. On the weekend of 12-13 September, the first Nordic Days of the 2020s took place in Sweden’s Nest 2. Cedric Höglund reports on the event.

The decade’s first edition of Nordic Days, which this year Nest 2 had the honour of organising, was inaugurated in the early morning by Peter Albinsson, who bid everyone welcome and presented the plan for the day.

Opening of Nordic Days

As usual, the inauguration was one of the event’s highlights, and something that could only be experienced to its fullest by those present at Nordic Days. As in previous years, the functionaries stood proudly lined up before the stage, dressed in specially produced Nordic Days T-shirts, while ceremonial music played in the background.

The first speaker of the day was the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg. Simon spoke about one of the most important characteristics for a happy and victorious people, which the Nordic people today have unfortunately been deprived of, but which the Resistance Movement will one day reawaken within every Northerner – pride.

Simon Lindberg speaks about the importance of being proud of who you are.

Excerpt from the speech:

With a whole people who are proud of themselves. With a whole people who are proud they are of Nordic ethnicity. With a whole people who believe in themselves. Who know that they can accomplish whatever task they attempt. There are no boundaries to what they can achieve and how proud they can be of what they achieve.

Furthermore, Simon said that Nordic Days is not just a weekend when activists, members and sympathisers can socialise and have a good time together, but that this tradition has become like a national day, a day of celebration for the Resistance Movement and the future Nordic Nation.

To honour the North and the Nordic countries is a given for us in the Nordic Resistance Movement. Therefore let the Nordic Days be a day that – amidst the bouncy castles, speeches and competitions – is also a day when you stop and reflect on what it means to belong to the magnificent Nordic folk, and let this be a day when we can really stand tall and feel truly proud that we are Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, Danes, Icelanders – Nordic men and women. […] The importance of pride is greater than both gold and lead. Both gold and lead can help our proud people to progress in the struggle – although that is another matter. Yet without proud and heroic fighters, both are just useless metals.

After the speech, a very enjoyable lunch based on local food from the West coast was served.

Those who had finished eating could then go to the market in another area of the venue where numerous items were for sale, including homemade toothpaste, various kinds of homemade jams, jewellery, clothes and other accessories.


This year’s Nordic Man of the Year competition consisted of five events. The first event was wrestling, and like previous years it was tough, with an activist suffering at least one broken rib.

A Nordic shield battle.

The second event was shield fighting, which involved pushing the opposition team off the field with the aid of Viking-inspired shields decorated with Old Norse runes. The third event was tug of war, and the fourth was an obstacle course. The obstacle course required the whole team to overcome all of the obstacles in the shortest possible time. The fifth and final event was just for the winning team and consisted of various types of weightlifting.

Tug of war.

Despite initial rain and cloudy weather, the activity was very popular with both the participants and the spectators.

The decisive and final individual competition was weightlifting, in which the competitors had to perform the highest number of repetitions within a set time.

Naming ceremony for a new generation

After a hard day’s struggle for the title of Nordic Man of the Year, a tasty and well-deserved dinner was served. When the food had been consumed and everyone was full and content, the venue filled with expectation ahead of the initiation of a new tradition – the naming ceremony.

One thing I, and presumably many others, noticed during the weekend was the growth of the organisation. This growth was not just from the new members and activists who had joined, but also – and perhaps foremost – from all the children who were present. This large addition of new blood to the Nordic tribe is something that brings much hope.

With dimmed lights and an atmosphere of anticipation, the ceremony began, and the stage was filled by proud new parents and their youngest children. Jimmy Thunlind then read aloud the meaning of each name the children had been given, and a moving ceremony took place. After the naming ceremony, the children were bestowed with a symbolic gift from the Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg.

Jimmy Thunlind congratulates the proud parents.

The tributes to the Nordic family didn’t stop there, however, but continued with the honouring of mothers. Paulina Forslund was the first to be awarded the Nordic Resistance Movement’s motherhood diploma, an accolade that was promised to more mothers within the organisation in the future.

Paulina Forslund is awarded the Nordic Resistance Movement’s motherhood diploma.

The next item on the agenda was a lecture by National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland, who spoke about structural racism against whites. Fredrik illustrated from various angles how the Swedish state practises structural racism and ultimately downright anti-Swedish genocidal politics against the Swedish people. The lecture was well timed in regard to the many protests that have recently taken place against anti-white structural racism, something that Fredrik demonstrated does not exist. Fredrik also spoke about the importance of a proud and upstanding people in order to combat these genocidal politics.

Nordic Man of the Year

When the evening arrived and the sun was setting, it was finally time to award the prizes to the activists who came first, second and third in the Nordic Man of the Year competition. This year the prize for first place was a splendid and sizeable Viking sword.

The winner of Nordic Days 2020 was the long-standing and loyal activist Martin Saxlind. I think all of the event’s attendees agreed that Martin truly deserved the title of Nordic Man of the Year, as he wasn’t just a clear winner in the pentathlon and final individual weightlifting event, but also because he advances the struggle for the Nordic people with pride 365 days a year. A more informative article featuring an interview with Martin will be published soon.

The conclusion to a great day

The kitchen staff and organisers were given resounding applause after a hard day’s work of filling many stomachs and arranging and decorating the venue in a true National Socialist spirit. It was also announced that over 27,000 kronor had been donated to the Prisoner Support initiative. To conclude a great day, the bar was opened, and the attendees socialised until late in the evening with live music played on the stage in the background.

Henrik Pihlström performs.

As in previous years, Nordic Days 2020 was a weekend marked by folk community and celebration. It was a day that Nordic National Socialists will remember for many years to come, when new life-honouring traditions like the naming ceremony and mother’s diploma were established.

May this new decade be a decade of pride, when Nordic men and women march courageously forwards towards a brighter future under the Tyr rune.

– Cedric Höglund