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Political harassment and honouring the hero king


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 1 held their traditional commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Karl XII on 30 November. This time there was an unusual amount of attention from the system’s lackeys.

Comrades met in a snow-covered Stockholm and collectively made their way towards Kungsträdgården. On the way to Karl XII’s statue, they were stopped by a middle-aged woman, who was standing with a few other people nearby. She was extremely curious about what the comrades were going to do, with her disposition later being described as very friendly by a Resistance man. After being given a short general answer, the woman only became even more interested and wanted to know who Karl XII was and what he had done.

The discussion gradually turned to politics and the woman sounded very sympathetic to the comrades’ statements, describing the group as nice, pleasant men. When she finally found out they were from the Nordic Resistance Movement, she was very confused about how she should feel. The indoctrination from the media did not match the men she saw in front of her at all. The woman only became more and more eager to stand in the cold and talk with the group, eventually grabbing hold of a comrade to prevent him from leaving.

After staying there for what felt like an hour, the comrades finally managed to convince the woman to go back into the warmth, before moving on to Karl XII. There, they met a group of young people who were in attendance for the same reason. Like the woman, they were also happy to see the comrades and expressed their appreciation and respect.

The group began by lighting candles, first in the shape of a Tyr rune, followed by three candles symbolising struggle, self-sacrifice and victory – all aspects embodied by the king and represented by the Tyr rune. After the Resistance men had lined up with the Swedish flag and the Tyr Rune flag in front of the statue, it only took a few minutes before law enforcement showed its ugly face. A group of White men honouring a king from our history is clearly something so dangerous to this corrupt state that cars full of plainclothes and uniformed police have to come and disrupt the gathering.

The speaker for the day responded to this insult in his speech in front of the statue, directly addressing the state’s lackeys. He spoke about the nationalist Mikael Krusell, who was killed on this day 32 years ago, shot dead by Swedish police. Apparently it’s standard practice for the police to fire warning shots at head level, and the pig who did it wasn’t even convicted of a crime. A minute’s silence was then held to remember Mikael Krusell.

The police took the hint immediately and withdrew like scared dogs with their tails between their legs to watch from a distance instead. When the minute’s silence had passed, the speech about Karl XII began.

Unlike King Karl, whose greatest enemy resided in the East, our enemies of today live among us. They are in the media, they sit in the Riksdag and Rosenbad. We see how they spread their evil and treason in society. It is now up to us to fight back with all available means and cut off the hydra’s heads one by one to finally destroy it and emerge victorious from battle!

We remember past heroes, we honour their deeds; but our time is here, our time is now. Fear nothing and victory is ours. Today we remember our history. Tomorrow we create our history!

After staying in the location for a while, the comrades rolled up the flags and walked towards Sergel’s Square and the subway station, where they encountered a sickly young woman with a large AFA logo on her backpack. She became rabid when she realised who had appeared in front of her, with her behaviour soon attracting the subway security guards.

For the first time in history, the guards decided it was now a violation of the Public Order Act for the comrades to travel via public transport with a flagpole, as it was deemed an “inconvenience”. All the hundreds of police officers and security guards the Resistance Movement had dealt with over the years clearly must not have understood the law well enough to grasp this fact.

A security guard with gay earrings thought he understood the law better than anyone else and called in plenty of reinforcements to enforce his will when the comrades tried to reason with him. The Red from before reappeared like a jack-in-the-box during the conversation to show what a heroine she was by shoving her phone into someone’s face, only to have it taken away by a comrade and then be carried away screaming by a security guard. As the situation was about as productive as talking to a stone, the comrades left the subway and proceeded to another station.

Upon reaching the next entrance 500 metres away, additional guards appeared, as it was apparently of the highest priority to ensure that a flagpole couldn’t be taken on public transport that evening. Shortly after, the guards from the original location also showed up. The comrades laughed at the absurd situation and how petty the guards were, asking hypothetically if they could continue their journey if one of them stayed behind with the troublesome object. The next response was that no one could take the subway anymore, as the guards claimed the comrades had a “bad attitude”. According to them, if you don’t accept being pushed around for no reason, you’re not allowed to use public transport, even though you’ve paid for the trip.

As the guards behaved so aggressively, there was no point trying to reason with them any further. The activity organiser decided it would be more trouble than it was worth to forcefully occupy the train, so the comrades left the location via other means. Before they left, they saw that another police van with seven officers had been called to the scene, which just shows how afraid the state is of potential public uprisings in the future. Despite the harassment, everyone was satisfied with the evening, which will surely become a lifetime memory, and they all laughed heartily about the whole situation on the way home!