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Two Resistance Movement activists arrested in Örkelljunga – Accusers have “strong connections to AFA”


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Two long-serving Nordic Resistance Movement activists were arrested in September and charged for alleged assaults committed in Örkelljunga, Sweden. They are currently still in custody. The plaintiffs are reported to have connections to Anti-Fascist Action (AFA).

Lion statues in Örkelljunga, Sweden

The two activists are suspected of committing three counts of assault in Örkelljunga, southern Sweden, on the day before the election. One of the plaintiffs apparently did not want to cooperate with the police, which has led to their case being dropped. The other two cases have now proceeded to criminal prosecution.

As the comrades are in custody and subject to full restrictions, it has unfortunately still not been possible for us to talk to them.

However, we have been able to speak with their lawyers, read through the preliminary investigation protocol and view some other non-public information, which has at least given us a little more clarity as to what did and did not happen.

From what we can ascertain, a handful of people from outside Örkelljunga with strong connections to Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) were in the town on the evening of the incident. Together with some local youths, they are believed to have ripped down authorised Nordic Resistance Movement election posters.

When the partially masked group was verbally confronted by a Resistance Movement activist, they became insolent and threatening, and made reference to matters that clearly indicated they had connections to the “anti-fascist” scene – including information published on the AFA website earlier that day.

The outsiders are alleged to have fled Örkelljunga shortly after the verbal confrontation, leaving the local youths behind. For those with a little insight into such situations, it is reasonable to suspect they actually had more malicious plans than just vandalising propaganda, but that these plans were abandoned after the verbal confrontation.

A little while later, the remaining local youths are believed to have become engaged in a physical conflict with our two comrades, which subsequently led to their arrest and the current prosecution.

The connections to AFA were also confirmed via an extreme left website, which published information about the events long before the mainstream media wrote about them, including a wealth of detail revealing they talked to one or more of the plaintiffs.

One of the plaintiffs, a young woman, was reported as having her “teeth knocked out”; however, this seems to be a standard case of leftist exaggerations and lies, as in reality the only damage to her teeth appears to be a tiny, barely visible chip on a single tooth.

Antifa "broken teeth" attack hoax
Photo from the police’s preliminary investigation report of the “knocked out teeth”

The media report that one of the plaintiffs was hit by a car also appears to be just as exaggerated and false. If anything, it seems there may have been very light contact with the car, which was due to the plaintiff and their friends standing in the way of our comrade’s car and behaving very threateningly and violently.

We would also like to clarify the following, from the original article we published on this case:

The Nordic Resistance Movement has full confidence in both of the detained men. They have previously proven themselves to be loyal, self-sacrificing activists with good judgment. If they have committed any act of violence, they will have only done so for good reason, and they will have not used more violence than necessary.

In conclusion

AFA appear to have been in Örkelljunga to conduct criminal activities, but they were intercepted and abandoned their plans, choosing to flee the scene and leave local youths to take the rap. This consisted of a confrontation in which a young woman was alleged to have been assaulted – something that was directly reported back to AFA.

Swedish antifa reds
AFA. The people pictured (probably) have nothing to do with the case in question.

We understand that for some people, without experience of such incidents, it may be seen as unnecessary to engage in a “conflict” with a young woman, but when AFA is involved, it is hard to class any use of force as excessive.

Although AFA has clearly become weaker in recent years, they are still a group that occasionally attacks nationalists and their family members.

AFA also have a history of throwing butyric acid and firebombs into family homes, and they have not hesitated to perpetrate gang attacks against women and elderly people they consider “fascists”. Those who ally themselves with AFA are part of their terrorist activities and must expect that people they attack in various ways will defend themselves with violence when necessary.

We will return to this case when more information is available. Until then, we urge all sympathisers and members of the Nordic Resistance Movement to support our comrades, and, if possible, donate to our Prisoner Help campaign via one of our donation methods so they can get the help they deserve.