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Report and reflections – Demonstration in Oslo


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Tommy Olsen, Chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, gives a report on the demonstration in Oslo.

Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstration march

In this article, I would like to present a report and offer some reflections on last weekend’s successful demonstration in Oslo.

As we have done in the past, we chose to carry out an unannounced flash demonstration in order to have a better opportunity to achieve the goals we had set for the day. Previous experience has shown us that dialogue with the police and giving notification in advance has only allowed them more time to mobilise and stick as many spokes in our wheels as they can. In short, it would not have been appropriate for us to notify the police beforehand.

Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstration

On Saturday 29 October, selected members travelled incognito from the gathering point via train to the National Theatre Station on Ruseløkkveien. When we disembarked the train, activist jackets were donned, flags were rigged up and we were ready for the flash demonstration. It was uncertain whether the police had managed to intercept our demonstration plans via surveillance, so we were all a little tense in case there was going to be a massive police presence awaiting us when we came out of the National Theatre, or, in a worst case scenario, if they would block us inside. But there were no police to be seen, so secrecy succeeded once again.

We lined up in formation and marched in the direction of Karl Johan Street to the beat of the drum. Once we had arrived at Karl Johan, which was one of the destinations for the day, the megaphone was utilised and slogans such as “Long Live National Socialism!” were heard by the many people in the area. What we didn’t know was that there were other events being held there on the day, which meant a lot of crowds. But this was just an added bonus for us, as even more people saw our demonstration and heard our message.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration Oslo march

The choice of direction we came from and marched in was not accidental, as on 9 April 1940, German National Socialists marched down Karl Johan Street. We wanted to recreate the image of marching National Socialists on Karl Johan, as our message for the day was that National Socialism is still alive and advancing, despite anti-Norwegian forces winning World War II.

As we approached the Storting, which was our next stop for the day, more police emerged. As they often do, they attempted to restrict our right to demonstrate, which we naturally did not go along with. We marched past the police line, around the Storting and stopped on Eidsvoll Square in front of the Storting. There we took up positions and gave out the “National Socialist Zone” leaflet to the many onlookers who were present.

Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstration

Another group of Resistance men marched up Løvebakken, in front of the parliament building, to hold a speech. The police again tried to hinder our plans, but without success. The Resistance Movement’s flags flew in front of the Storting and the speech was given as planned.

After the speech had been delivered and the leaflets handed out, it was time for the next destination of the day – the Blitz House. Even though the building was occupied by left-wing extremists in 1982 and the Blitz community has engaged in violence, vandalism and death threats in response to attempts to remove them, the building at Pilestredet 30 is still in left-wing extremist possession today. It was therefore time to do the job the police and politicians have failed to do: remove the left-wing extremist squatters and… maybe occupy the building ourselves? I doubt we would have been met with the same passivity from the police and the blessing of politicians if we had done so, but it could have been fun and interesting to see the hypocrisy that would have undoubtedly unfolded. Maybe another day…

As we left Karl Johan Street and moved towards University Street, in the direction of the Blitz House, the police mobilised quickly and blocked the street ahead of us. They shouted that we were not allowed to go any further. We then made an about-turn and began marching back in the direction of Karl Johan Street, whereupon they quickly blocked the path ahead of us again. Naturally we did not want to find ourselves in this situation and started to press on. One policeman shouted “Let them pass!” at which point we pushed the police aside and marched onwards on the alternative route. The police are then reported to have suddenly attacked the demonstration march from behind, and it was here I’m told a couple of our members were wrestled to the ground and arrested.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration Oslo police

The rest of us were already marching through alternative streets and alleyways to reach the final destination, but when we came out onto Frederik Street, the police rushed in from all sides and surrounded us. This resulted in a tense atmosphere, with some words of truth being uttered to the police.

We were then handcuffed (some had their hands zip-tied) and sat down in rows on the ground. From there we were picked up one by one and put into police cars and driven to the police station. Once at the station, we were divided up and put into large separate cells, before having to give our personal details, one by one. Because we were Norwegians and, according to the police, “easier to prosecute” than the other Nordic members, we were discharged later that day, while the others were transported out of Norway the next day, with no ban on returning to the country at a later date. We Norwegians were then transported to a train station, where we took the train back to the gathering place. From there we cheerfully drove to the location where the remaining activists and members who had not been arrested were waiting.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration Oslo police

Everyone who participated is in good spirits and satisfied with a successful flash demonstration in Norway’s capital. Despite not reaching our final destination for the day, we still got to march down Karl Johan and thus recreate the iconic image of National Socialists marching down the capital’s main pedestrian street. We were able to fly our flags on Løvebakken in front of the Storting, display our banner with the organisation’s web address, distribute leaflets and deliver a speech about the traitors to nation and people who have ruled Norway since the end of World War II. And even though we did not reach our final goal for the day, the Blitz House, I think the police’s behaviour and our reaction helped us receive a bit of extra media coverage on the day, which is a plus.

The way the media reported on the demonstration, in which they resorted to outright lies, did not come as a surprise. One example was that they claimed we “stomped over children’s chalk drawings” and scared the children. This is of course not true and can clearly be seen in the images they themselves published in their articles. The Resistance Movement marched on the footpath next to the drawings, and it was the police who “stomped” on the children’s chalk drawings.

Nordic Resistance Movement Oslo demonstration VG report
“Clashes at neo-Nazi demonstration / 35 people arrested” – screenshot from VG.no

Nor is it surprising that some right-wingers, especially Zionists, have swallowed the MSM propaganda and directed their foolish criticism against us National Socialists. This is only to be expected from the kind of people who do the bidding of Jewish power.

I would like to conclude by thanking everyone who participated in the demonstration itself or who had other roles on the day. I look forward to the next one. Hail Victory!