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Simon Lindberg holds lecture on National Socialism in Dalarna


MEETING. On Saturday 30th November, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg held a lecture on National Socialism at Nest 5’s monthly meeting in Dalarna, central Sweden.

The meeting served to discuss the organisation’s activities during the coming month and also allowed members and activists to converse about all matters big and small with their comrades. After the monthly meeting was concluded, everyone enjoyed a well-made chilli con carne, which was much appreciated by the attendees.

The highlight of the day was a lecture by Simon Lindberg entitled “What is National Socialism?”, which he previously gave in Sundsvall. As the name suggests, the talk aims to elucidate what National Socialism is and is not.

Before the speech began, the venue was opened up to visitors, who came to listen to what Simon had to say. As well as listening to the presentation, the visitors could also take the opportunity to purchase items from Greenpilled and write a Christmas message to the imprisoned comrade Peter Holm.