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Thank you for your donations – 50,000 kronor raised for Nest 3 activists


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement would like to thank everyone who donated in solidarity to the activists in Sweden’s Nest 3 following their confrontation with communists in Lund and their resulting fines.

50,000 kronor goal achieved!

Your generous donations have now exceeded the goal of 50,000 Swedish kronor. This means the activists in Nest 3 have received all the economic help they need following the confrontation in Lund.

In just over a week – at a time when people have Christmas expenses to consider – comrades, supporter members, sympathisers and other organised nationalists have shown their support – and we are grateful for it.

If you would still like to donate, you can do so here internationally, or within Sweden via the Swish number 0762 258 124. All additional funds will go towards future expenses for the Prisoner Help programme and are greatly appreciated.

Daniel Gerdås, Nest Chief for Nest 3, said to Motståndsrörelsen.se:

“I would like to thank all the comrades and friends who have supported the activists in Nest 3. It strengthens our morale to know we have all of you behind us and that you could contribute so quickly with such a large sum of money amidst of all your Christmas expenses.

“It was with great pleasure that I messaged the convicted activists about the help they have received.

“Twice the Resistance Movement and Nest 3 have shown the red scum in Lund that they cannot control the streets themselves but have to be supported by the liberal system they serve every day.”