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Total victory for the Nordic Resistance Movement at Almedalen


ACTIVISM. With the Swedish political festival Almedalen Week now at an end, the Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement shares his thoughts on this year’s event.

Last year the Nordic Resistance Movement succeeded in completely dominating Almedalen Week. Like the true opposition we are, we made things very uncomfortable for the establishment politicians. We showed Almedalen something it had never seen before: upright and honourable men and women who were on Gotland to talk politics, not to live it up and sip champagne. As I said in my first speech on Thursday, we “democratised” Almedalen Week.

The collective establishment was very anxious that we shouldn’t repeat our success this year and decided to rail against us in some six million different articles, while Region Gotland [the local government] broke their own regulations – and possibly Swedish law – when they refused to give us permission to hire space and set up a tent. But to the politicians’ chagrin, the police’s licensing unit wasn’t comprised of such corrupt officials, and we were given permission, even if it was only to set up an information table and hold speeches for three days.

This authorisation – combined with our constitutional right to spread our message in public – ensured our activists had everything they needed to retake their place in the spotlight. With nearly 150 of our members on the island, supported by sympathisers and those from other nationalist groups, we were once again set to be the most prominent organisation at Almedalen. There was no competition. Many journalists, politicians and pundits even noted that the week’s original schedule – in which each parliamentary party was allotted its own day, was no longer in effect – instead every day was the Nordic Resistance Movement’s day!

Wherever you turned at Almedalen, there were National Socialists in white polo shirts giving out newly printed, professional election magazines. We served coffee at our information table, answered questions and debated. We were at the traitors’ events to protest with banners. At Hamnplan we held speeches with such high energy they made regular “high-energy” speakers look like pensioners with walking frames. We also held demonstrations every day on the road to Hamnplan.

When you went to a speech, you saw National Socialists on the way there and at the scene. When you went shopping, you saw National Socialists in the stores. When you went to eat, there were National Socialists standing in the queue. There were National Socialists everywhere. In fact, our dominance was so overwhelming that had an outsider visited Almedalen without knowing anything about it, they would have quite easily gotten the impression that the whole event was arranged by the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The amount of coverage we got in the lying press and social media made it seem like we were the biggest party in the country. Much of it was lies and exaggerations, but the fact that we capture people’s attention like no other organisation is undeniable. We also received high traffic on our live streams and on Nordfront throughout the days we were there. In short, it’s no exaggeration to say that Almedalen Week 2018 was a total victory for the Nordic Resistance Movement.

As usual there were some people who thought we should have acted differently during some of our protests, or that we should have accepted being spat on, shoved or trodden on without fighting back. I won’t address this to any great length in this article but will instead say that action is always better than passivity. If more of our people had understood this, instead of being so terrified of “looking bad”, we would never have found ourselves in the situation our race and nation are facing today. If all nationalists had adopted such a mindset, our resistance would now be considerably stronger and united.

In closing I’d like to say thank you to all our activists and members who sacrificed their time and money to take part and who conducted themselves so exceptionally. Thank you to those responsible for logistics and other practical aspects. Thank you to our fantastic speakers. Thank you to our sympathisers for their encouraging words, pats on the back and generous contributions, both in cash and to our temporary Swish number (which has already been blocked by the bank). Thank you to those opponents who were respectful and had interesting discussions with us. Finally, thank you to We Are Dalarna, Antifa’s two representatives on the island, and CRIS [Criminals Return Into Society] for all the moments of hilarity they provided with their tragicomic behaviour.

I’ll finish by quoting Fredrik Vejdeland:

“Almedalen belongs to the nationalists!”