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Fundraiser for professional documentary series about legends of the struggle


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Resistance Movement needs your help to raise 30,000 SEK (approx. $2,700) for a film series featuring Ursula Haverbeck and Vera Oredsson.

A delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement recently returned home from an extended trip to Bielefeld in Germany. The journey was part of a folk community project that sought to bring together two legendary fighters in the struggle: Ursula Haverbeck and Vera Oredsson.

Both women were born in 1928 in Germany and therefore experienced the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Both are known worldwide for relentlessly continuing the struggle for their people ever since, despite adversities and repression.

As a thank you to both of these fighters, this trip was arranged to enable them to meet each other. The trip was also filmed, and we are therefore in possession of a cultural treasure trove featuring many hours of footage from the journey, the meeting, a speech Vera Oredsson gave in Germany, and extended interviews with both women.

In the coming months, it is our ambition to edit this material into a professional miniseries in four parts. The series will hopefully also be complemented with completely unique, never-before-seen material from Vera Oredsson’s time in the Nordic Reich Party. Another eventual goal is to subtitle the series in several languages.

The opportunity was also taken to film and photograph other subjects in Germany, such as the Externsteine

The cost of the trip and acquiring the equipment needed to complete the series in the desired fashion is 30,000 SEK (approx. $2,700), which we hope to raise with your help. Any extra money raised will go directly to the activities of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Donations can be made via the Nordic Resistance Movement’s official Odysee channel, by clicking on the green “Support” button. Or via cryptocurrency, cash or international transfer.

Supporters living in Sweden can donate via Swish number 0729237256, with the message “GÅVA”. The Swish payment goes to Victor Johansson, an activist in the Resistance Movement and the administrator of a private account for the organisation.

Well-concealed cash can also be sent to:

Box 52
77222 Grängesberg

Please state in your letter that the cash is for the documentary.

In addition to reimbursing the Nordic Resistance Movement’s hard-pressed coffers for part of the trip and helping secure purchases to produce the miniseries in accordance with our ambition, your donation can also ensure your immortalisation in the series via a personal thank-you.

A minimum donation of 500 SEK is required to receive a thank-you in the credits of the series. Please also email [email protected], stating your donation amount, the date of your donation and which name or pseudonym you would like to be thanked as in the series.

We hope to receive your support and hope you are looking forward to the end result as much as we are!