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NORDIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. About the podcast Leadership Perspective.

Leadership Perspective

Nordic National Socialism for the 21st century.

Leadership Perspective is the official podcast of the Nordic Resistance Movement, in which Simon Lindberg, the Movement’s leader, voices the organization’s positions and thoughts. Discussions on the podcast often center on ideological questions, the organization’s tactics and its official positions on different matters. Everything stated in Leadership Perspective can be regarded as being sanctioned by the organization.

An interview with the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement

The program is broadcast in an interview format and is hosted by the head of Nordisk Radio, Fredrik Vejdeland. This means the program is devoid of guests, jingles, debates and other things usually featured in podcasts. This is a deliberate choice in order to highlight and clarify the arguments and thoughts being communicated, without any unnecessary background noise.

Incisive questions are asked and profound messages are conveyed, resulting in many candid and radical discussions. Yet the podcast is still down to earth and always aims to answer even the most difficult questions in an easy way that is understandable to everyone.

Nordic National Socialism

National Socialism is a revolutionary worldview that is neither to the left nor to the right of the political spectrum. Instead, National Socialism stands uniquely above this spectrum as a biological and scientific worldview. Its ideas always proceed from nature and the most fundamental aspects that exist in our world, and it always looks out for the interests of our own people first and foremost. The essence of National Socialism is thoroughly explained on Leadership Perspective, as are the reasons why it’s the only solution to the present political and existential wasteland that is Western liberal democracy.

The Nordic Resistance Movement

The Nordic Resistance Movement is the foremost National Socialist organization in the Nordics (and in the entire world, according to some observers). It is an activism organization which works on several different fronts in order to constantly advance. On Leadership Perspective, you will hear more about why the organization acts the way it does in different contexts and about official positions on current matters. You will also get a glimpse into the internal culture of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Simon Lindberg – as a person

On Leadership Perspective, you will also get to know Simon Lindberg via some more informal questions and simpler reflections from his everyday life. Although there are occasionally elements of a personal nature in the podcast, it largely seeks to maintain an authoritative, credible and serious tone.