NRM Nest 1 banner action, Stockholm, Swedenvideo

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: A new year of struggle begins: Banner actions in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 inaugurated the New Year with banner drops and a public banner action. On New Year’s Day, Nest 1 began a new...
Nordic Resistance Movement confetti action in the Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm, Swedenvideo

Love Your People – Confetti action in Scandinavia’s largest mall

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 spread a message of love to the people amid the Christmas shopping rush on Sunday 19 December. In the middle of...
Nordic Resistance Movement activism in support of Danish workers and against Covid passports, Stockholm Danish embassyvideo

Video from the Resistance Movement’s support action for Danish workers

VIDEO. The Resistance Movement presents a video from the recent actions across several Nordic cities in support of the rights of Danish workers.  The campaign...
NRM memorial for Karl XII in Stockholmvideo

Video from 30 November march in Stockholm

MEMORIAL. The Nordic Resistance Movement participated in an independent memorial event for Karl XII in Stockholm on 30 November, before holding a speech in...
Pär Sjögren Nordic Resistance Movement boxing tournament winnervideo

Boxing tournament champion – Interview with Pär Sjögren

ORGANISATION DAYS. A video interview with the winner of the boxing tournament at Organisation Days 2021, Pär Sjögren.  One of the highlights of this year's...
Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2021video

Video from Organisation Days 2021

VIDEO. A video report from this year's Organisation Days event.  Related: Organisation Days 2021 Organisation Days 2021 photo report
NRM honour Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholmvideo

Honouring Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholm – with large police presence

MEMORIAL. On Saturday 6 November – 389 years after Gustavus Adolphus fell in the Battle of Lützen – members of the Nordic Resistance Movement...
Holocaust hoax Malmö videovideo

The holocaust is a hoax – Video report from action in Malmö

VIDEO. The Resistance Movement presents a video report of the laser action against the Holocaust Conference held in Malmö earlier this month.  Related: “The holocaust is...
NRM banner action, Stockholmvideo

Activism and sightseeing in Stockholm: “In defence of the North!”

ACTIVISM. An eventful Sunday for Sweden’s Nest 1 began with a high-profile banner action and was concluded with a visit to the Oxdjupet sound. On...
Sarektjåhkkå hikingvideo

Climbing Sweden’s second-highest mountain

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. In the last week of August, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement scaled the northern peak of Sarektjåkkå mountain in Lapland, northern...


Burning car in a riot

Koran desecration and burning police cars

COMMENT. The leader of the Resistance Movement comments on Rasmus Paludan’s recent Koran burnings in Sweden and the ensuing riots. I want to begin by...