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The Nordic Resistance Movement’s year of struggle in Denmark – 2019


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement presents a complete report of its activities in 2019.

There was a huge increase in both activism and membership in Denmark in 2019. In addition we translated books, articles and studies and also produced original literature and propaganda. Basic activism in 2019 has been incredibly prolific. We have produced an average of one activist report a day over the year. We also made the national news several times. First in April and June, when a gay pride bench was repainted, and a doll with a sign reading “Paedophile” created attention. Then later in the year when activists organised a large-scale manifestation in Copenhagen, and finally when two of our activists were unfortunately taken into custody regarding the vandalism of a cemetery.

Danish homo lobby bench in Aarhus is repainted by Nordic Resistance Movement members

Activists have also conducted banner actions, such as those in Aarhus in October and in Aarhus and Randers in August.

“We are the true anti-capitalists”

Members organised a major action against the ARos art museum in Aarhus when it put on a degenerate pornography exhibition. The exhibition, entitled “Art & Porn”, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the release of photographic pornography in Denmark.

“Porn is not art!”

In August, activists conducted a symbolic flag-raising of freedom flags at Randers town hall.

There was a large-scale action in Viborg in July, where flyers were given out and a speech was held.

Nest 1 held a propaganda offensive in several seaside towns on the west coast of Jutland during the summer holidays.

Nest 2 held a banner action in the municipality of Greve in August.

A group of activists put up stickers at a communist book café in Aarhus.

In addition, the Nordic Resistance Movement started a nationwide school campaign.

“Danish Youth – Fight for Your Future”

Last but not least the Nordic Resistance Movement held the biggest National Socialist gathering in Copenhagen since the Second World War, when approximately 80 Nordic National Socialist activists from Denmark, Sweden and Norway descended on the city’s Kultorvet square to hold a speech and distribute leaflets.

As mentioned, there have also been many articles posted on the Resistance Movement’s Danish website, nordfront.dk. The article series “A History of Hitler”, “Eternal Front”, “Race – The Decisive Question”, “Freemasonry” and “Gottfried Feder and Rent Slavery” were all published in 2019, in addition to many other excellent pieces.

When we look back on 2019, it is with pride that we can say that the Nordic Resistance Movement has truly expanded in Denmark and will ultimately come to play a decisive role in the Danish people’s future. As in the rest of the Nordics, we are the only means of securing the Nordic people’s existence and a future for Nordic children. A future in which our children and grandchildren can grow up safely, in which our children and grandchildren can be proud of our culture and nation, and in which our children and grandchildren can be certain that the coming folk community in the Nordics will take care of them and give them a place in society they can be proud of. When we look to the future, we see only one thing: Victory!