Nordic Resistance Movement flag

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland – 2020 annual report

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement report on the organisation’s activities in 2020. The year 2020 started well before the whole...
NRM honour Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholmvideo

Honouring Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholm – with large police presence

MEMORIAL. On Saturday 6 November – 389 years after Gustavus Adolphus fell in the Battle of Lützen – members of the Nordic Resistance Movement...
Nordic Days 2022 Nordic Man of the Year boxingvideo

Video and photos from Nordic Days 2022

NORDIC DAYS. A video and selection of photos taken at this year's Nordic Days event. Report from the event: Nordic Days 2022

Nordic Frontier #89: Chinese 1984, Mein Ideology and Flash Demo

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we see China going full 1984, Jews crying about Anti-Semitism and the Movement going for Flash Demonstration. Simon Lindberg on the...
Nordic Frontier episode 92, Eric Striker

Nordic Frontier #92: Eric Striker and Folkish uprisings

NORDIC FRONTIER. This evening we’ll talk to Eric Striker, known from Strike&Mike podcast and many other media projects. We’ll also cover some Swedish cuckery...

Video and photos from 1 May in Kungälv

1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group presents a video and photo compilation from this year’s 1 May demonstration in Kungälv. Watch on BitChute  

Public activity and speech in Uppsala

ACTIVISM. Nest 1 and Nest 8 conducted a joint public activity featuring a speech and leaflet distribution in Uppsala, Sweden, last weekend. The response...

The Tyr rune flag flies over Helsingborg

ACTIVISM. Resistance Movement activists fly the freedom flag from atop Kärnan tower in Helsingborg. At lunchtime on 17th May, Nordic Resistance Movement activists ascended Kärnan...

White Lives Matter demonstration in Örebro

DEMONSTRATION. The Nordic Resistance Movement held a White Lives Matter flash demonstration in Örebro, Sweden, on Saturday. Activists and members from the Nordic Resistance Movement...
Hold Fanen Hoyt episode 35

Ríkharður Leó Magnússon on Hold Fanen Høyt!

RADIO. The Chief of the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently appeared on the organisation’s Norwegian podcast Hold Fanen Høyt! (Hold the...


Statue holding scales of justice

The National Socialist rule of law

IDEOLOGY. In this article, Sebastian Elofsson argues for the establishment of a state governed by a National Socialist rule of law. Order, freedom and justice....