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Monthly meeting and speech in Nest 3


MEETING. On Saturday 8 June, Nest 3 gathered for their most recent monthly meeting.

Food and drink at Nest 3 monthly meeting

The day began with a meal of homemade skewered meats and potato salad, followed by coffee and socialising, while preparations were made for the meeting’s speech.

The speech dealt with the various ideological orientations adopted by the Jews. Despite the length of the talk, the speaker did a great job of holding the audience fascinated throughout.

New items were available to buy from the merchandise table, including fine glasses decorated with Tyr rune symbols, chemical-free washing detergent, and mini spettekaka – a local dessert from Scania.

The day finished with the awarding of a prize to the person who had written the most activist reports in the Nest’s member group.

Items for sale at Nest 3 monthly meeting